TCS Vanguard CV-21


She's currently a work-in-progress.



She's part of the backdrop for my movie. The TCS Vanguard was lost during a futile effort to slow the Kilrathi advance into Confed territory in the Tyr system at the height of the war. She, her battlegroup, and the majority of the opposing Kilrathi battlegroup is adrift near Tyr IX, a large gas giant Sector 116 (also known as The Bermuda Triangle).

Numerous ships have been lost and have slowly added to the debris field now numbering near a hundred vessels lost. Pirate raiders are suspect but so far all attempts to persue them through the field have ended in failure. The area is marked a navigational hazard. Salvage operations are sporadic as mysterious disappearances are common.

The ship won't be complete until it looks nearly destroyed. :D

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Confed already has a TCS Vanguard -- the Concordia-class SuperCruiser that leaves Pegasus just before it's destroyed at the beginning of the WC movie.


Well that STINKS.

Now I have to think up a new name... :mad:

Okay I've now named her the TCS Victo---wait a second. ARGH! How about the Cheyenne?


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We had a thread here with loads of suggestions for capship names a while ago... Gotta do some searching though.

Also, on the pictures below, all I can see is a red "X"


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is she supposed to be a Concordia Class or a Ranger Class? If Concordia, you could name her the Enterprise. it would fit in with the general naming of that class after previous aircraft carriers


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For some reason i always liked the Ranger class carriers better than the Concordia class. Maybe it was that whole feeling of it being battle worn that the Victory conveyed so well.

I am currently attempting to write a story that centers around a Ranger class carrier and her fighter wing during the same time period as WC III, but i'm not going to give you the name i'm using. :) If you want to name it after an existing or past Aircraft Carrier, i suggest you go look at the US Navy's website. There you can find a list of all past and current Navy Carriers, as well as their history. Maybe you'll find a name there, or get an idea.


Cam, what's that indentation on the top? Looks wonderful though. A suggestion (more of a request), why not take a shot at designing a Tarawa class carrier for your debris field. ;)



What exactly does a Tarawa-Class carrier look like? And I'm not sure you'd want me to do that when you see what I do with this ship... :)


I just noticed something... The Tiger's Claw is shorter than the Victory! Yet it's 52,000 metric tons heavier and has 2 flight decks instead of 1!, that's messed up.


Originally posted by Cam
I just noticed something... The Tiger's Claw is shorter than the Victory! Yet it's 52,000 metric tons heavier and has 2 flight decks instead of 1!, that's messed up.

Well, the Ranger and Concordia classes have that "box" shape with the big empty opening through the center for the flight deck. Since the flight deck is completely enclosed, that means that it needs more overhead clearance. This results in the carrier being significantly larger since it contains more "empty space" inside.


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ljuin: But what would explain why the Tiger's Claw weighs 80,000 tons while the Ranger-class ships weigh only 28,000? :)