Take out Sadaam?

Should we take out Saddam

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    Votes: 24 64.9%
  • No

    Votes: 13 35.1%

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I'm sort of ambivilant on the subject because of the environment.
If we take out Saddam then there has to be a strong government ready to take his place. But also the country has to then be able to defend itself from Iran, because they have been at each others throats for as long as I can rmemeber. So if we did go after the ass then our military would have to have a garrison in country to protect it until such time as it's own military could take up the job.
The whole thing could turn into a rehash of Korea, where we always have a military presence in the country to keep the peace. South Korea could probably defend itself, of course I'm not all that familiar with their military capabilities-though we have sent them some good equipment. The problem is that the moment the US pulls out of there the North Koreans will probably try some sort of action against the South, if not a full scale invasion.
Of course if we don't take him out then he will continue developing weapons of mass destruction, you know he is, and will eventually use one against us or one of our allies.