Starcraft 2 Released (July 27, 2010)

If your hard disk is in such a fragile position, it may be time to replace it. I hope you back-up your important files regularly.
Nope....well other then to my 3 memory sticks.(1 gig, 512megs, and a 256meg)....I have 3 hds currently in my pc. 3 40 gig 2 maxtors and 1 WD. All of there Warranties ended in 2006...(not the WD which is the Windows hd does not seem to have the same motor problem at lest not yet)

other then the motors (not a small thing I know but) none have any bad sectors and I run a Hd repair prg (non destructive) about once a week to be careful(its a Dos lvl prg...It opens dos window and runs, I can also use one of Usb Ram sticks to boot a version of it if needed in an emergency)

I would replace the Hds if I had the cash, But currently I am unemployed and so far have been the last 2 years....When ever I do have the cash I plan on replacing the whole pc.

I would think with something like P4 4.2 ghz(quad/octo(8) or what ever is out a the time) core , 32 gigs ram (what ever the current type of ram is current...I have ddr1) with some ATI Vid card under $600 and I am thinking say 3 3T hds 1 for windows and the other 2 Raided together (in a mirror setup so 1 is always backuped on the other)

Below is just something I am working on not related to this post but I put it here to test it out.(I tried to put html/flash code but nether would work,
if it had worked you would have seen the items for sale in Flash without leaving this page)
its for something I am working on for Lew the person who is the creator/in charge of the Frontier Prelude to Darkness Film (of which I do a few voices for)

AD Space
Frontier Prelude To Darkness Merchandise Store
Support Saber Squadron Support the War Against the Dakota

Frontier Store
Everything will use the Windows page file. If you have the page file set to C: it'll need space there.
For your information, Pentium 4s are no longer produced and clock speeds are meaningless in measuring relative performance. Most CPU stock speeds don't get anywhere near 4 GHz clocks either.

Also, while RAID is useful in minimising the impact of hardware failure, it shouldn't be a substitute for a regular back-up plan as it doesn't protect against user error. It'll help protect against hard drive failure, but it won't help you in the case of accidental deletion.
A bit more playing around:

I - But this may limit the ship to building only one type of fighter (I want the Yorktown class to build Arrows AND Thunderbolts)

It shouldn't as in the development process tha protoss carrier did build two types of ships at some point, although the option was removed by finla version