Starcraft 2 Released (July 27, 2010)

Actually, this is a really great idea - Something to work on over the next few days :)

I think it also makes things easier down the line - each side can have a fighter production facility and you can just change what each side is able to produce at the building rather then having it controlled by the units.
how much control do you have over how the unit types act? in the regular game, the zerg and protoss are *very* different from the terrans, which I am sure everyone is already aware of, but in a wing commander mod.. presumably the terran and kilrathi factions are going to have to have very similar behaviors....
The mission editor is very versatile. (although I admit I didn't use it yet, I just know the one from SC1 and you could do A LOT with that.)

Example: If you have a Terran cruiser, then you don't have shields, because in StarCraft Terrans don't use shields. For a Wing Commander ship you will need shields, though.
So you could use Protoss as the starting point for your Wing-Commander-Terrans.

But you can also just alter the terran units to give them the kind of shields the Protoss have. In the StarCraft mission editor you have a lot of possibilities to change every unit.

So I guess I would either take the Protoss or the Terrans and modify them. You are right with the Zerg, though. Their game mechanics are just too weird to fit Kilrathi or Terrans.
As Aginor says, the editor is really versatile - Want a Zerg unit that emulates Protoss behaviour? No problem! Want to build entirely new tech and development trees ? You can. I haven't got anything new to put up yet, since I've been research how to giving the units I import basic animations to add a bit more life - You could should be able to do Terran / Kilrathi / Nephilem.

One possible issue that might come about: The map editor saves all the changes you make to the map file, rather than editing the game code directly. Meaning the filesize could get pretty large. During the beta, map sizes were limited to 10MB, hopefully this isn't the case with the full edition - So far, I've not seen a map larger than this... And not reached this size with my own tests, so I'll have to wait and see :)

Once I've got more done and a few more screenshots, I'll probably add a thread to the fan projects area - Since this is starting to get a bit off topic from the actual release notification ;)
Last I heard the limitation is still 5 maps, 10mb per map, 20mb total. I've also read some really silly stuff about their rules policy concerning custom maps that makes me wonder what the point of including the editor was.

And there's no real mod support? Just custom units for maps?
Well, you can change any data you want, but yep - At the moment, it's confined to specific maps. This could change - The Asset libraries are seperate files that can hold the additional files - In theory, you could add the units into the library (or create a new one) and then just use them in the editor. To use the maps, people would need to download your additional asset library. This would hopefully get around the limits imposed by Blizzard as the additional data is held locally.

On another note - I managed to get animations working. Hopefully I can figure out how to have the fighters doing barrel roles :)
I just got SC2 and other then some minor frame rate drop during some battles where there are alot of things on screen it plays ok. I am having a issue with the Prerendered CS tho. (like the first one where the Marine gets suited up) it stutters real bad almost unwatchable.

I am running it on a Intel P4 HT 2.4 ghz 2gig ddr1 ram, Ati x1550 256 meg ddr2 Video Card.
Now I checked my system out on that "Can I run It" web site and I passed everything except for cpu speed.

Now I thought there would be problems with the game itself but the CutS....I mean my system can handle HD video heck I even make HD video on my system up to 1600x768 1080p for my Youtube videos and have no playback problems...

I've tried updating my Drivers, I was using Cat 9.5 (2/26/2009) so I d/l the newist 10.2 I think it was. but after doing that the game would not even run(game gave me a Error "acces to 3d hardware is locked by some other software please close all other games and or software which might be locking the hardware), plus when I loaded a video in my player (outside of game) ( I use Gom Video player) it would not play correctly...and when I minimized a window it would do so very slowly..I then reverted the driver and everything went back the way it was.(game working etc)

So Any Ideas? I would just like to watch the CS with a little better Frame rate. I have the latest version of BINK tools which Blizzard uses for there game, when I had a older pc I extract the videos from (I think it was Diablo 2) using Bink re encoded the video at a lower resultion and then reput them into the game to make the play better....but it would seem the videos are hidden better or there just done different as I can't find which files that they are in.

I've tried to overclock my card too, but even tho I got the gpu from 550mhz up to almost 750 before it crashed the pc, my benchmarks showed no improvement in frame rate. (I did not test game play just the Videos) I don't know if changing the Video Ram settings would make any difference as my cards Ram settings are locked.....
well, I had a older version of that already installed, but after your post I checked and my version of the Pack was almost 2 years old so I d/l the newest version of the Mega Pack and after change...the first CS stutters,(perhaps playing at 18 fps instead of say 30fps) for another example the one which shows Karagon getting captured by the Zerg it barely plays must be barely 3-4 frames a sec.
I actually had some slow down issues the other day and I'm not sure why, but it wasn't FPS because I could click on things just fine. When I switched over to the task manager it said SC2 was using 1,513,312k of memory.

Which scared me.

So I shut everything down and re-started my computer. It just happened randomly, nothing else was going on. Dunno why.
hmm, I'll have to check that out...I to for the most part have not had much problems with the main game it self (even tho I am about 400 mhz lower the the minimal cpu speed)

(well unless there were say more then 40 things on the screen at the same time all shooting then the frame rate got a little choppy but as soon as a few thing died it went back to normal). The in game CS seem to work fine tho I do have every setting set to low other then the talking head thing which I have set to 3d just because I don't like looking at a still picture when someone is talking to me.
WCblitz, I'm at the minimum reqs, except my processor, which is running a 2.0 Ghz. The prerendered cutscenes run fine for me and I only get occassional stutters during the in game ones.
It sounds like you could have a video card issue or it could just be that the 3D animated unit portraits are messing with your framerate.
The only gameplay stutters I ran into were on planets with water features. Then I dropped my resolution down to 1024x768, the lowest available, and it runs fine.
Try cutting out the animated portraits and see if it helps.
I have no problems with the animated portraits (there what I called talking heads) I have everything set to low, my Res is set to 1024x786, my only real problem is the prerendered cut scenes, I am about to start my 18th mission in the single player game so its working ok as I haven't even lost a mission yet(well ok I did have to redo one of those Protoss mission just once) I have the game on normal difficulty.

If there is no way to fix this (other then upgrading my cpu or Vid card which I don't have the money for right now, that and there arn't that many agp cards any more) I'll just have to wait to someone posts the videos to youtube which they will end up there eventually. I could capture them myself, but I don't think that would be a good idea, slow as they are playing running a video capture prg in the background recording them don't think that would work.
Try defragging the drive Starcraft 2 is on.

Starcraft 2 had a very interesting problem in the beta which hasn't been fixed. The digital distribution (and possibly retail) copy of the game install heavily fragmented. It could be your stuttering is because the video files are fragmented to hell.

Another issue from the beta that hasn't been patched is the game has no hard coded framerate cap. People with the latest hardware can potentially fry their GPUs as the menus render up to 5000 FPS. Thankfully you can add two lines to an ini file as a work around.

Oh well.
I'll try the defrag, I doubt my problem is to much frame rate...not with my old card.
MY hds are not the best either sometimes the motors don't even start up.......which is why I normally leave my pc on 24/7...... Another thing I was wondering about even tho I have the game on a difrent hd then c:(where windows is) does the game put any temp/cache files on c: ?
as I only have around 250megs free on drive c:....I had some trouble with Fallout 3 that way(f3 was on drive F:) but when the game loads it pts temp files on c: and IT kept crashing becouse of not enough free cache space on c: .