Privateer: The Reckoning OpenSP Beta v4.0

my server is working!!! :) 2 players are online already, with no peoblems yet. But i just keep CTD :( dunno why :( its got nothing to do with my location. i crash whenever i hit fly now :(
server will be runnin tomorrow again, if everything goes fine, from 15:00 +-30minutes. shutdown will be at 18:30 probably, every working day. this is final i think. come and enjoy, till a better servers gets online. i will get the 1.1 patch for server running! i dunno if that changes anything. hope u can still join. testin tomorrow.
c'ya on Jolson :)
Somehting else I noticed. I've been playing the WCU Privateer Remake as well as this fine Freelancer mod and I;ve noticed something... the Freelancer version is a helluva lot easier. it's not jsut the loot drops, but it seems the Tarsus is a lot more survivable. Hell, I can't take on one talon in the Remake without getting my Tarsus fried up...

Is this due to the ship rebalancing?
Oh, and:
I'm lost. No idea where I can get a Bearcat or Excalibur or some other cool WC fighter.
I like my Centurion, though.
same question here: where can i get a bearcat?? i see them on almost every second screenshot u posted, but never seen in game :(
can i fly an: Arrow, Avanger, Longbow,etc.. or any other ship then the original privateer ships and the banshee/gladius/kilrathi stuff/ferret???
Not if im not happy with my Orion or what, but its a bit BIG warping through the asteroid fields :), the AI cant handle it...
Just a matter of tweaking the combat sections of the mod.
Everything was originally set up for use in the Sirius Sector, and needs to be reworked for the Gemini Sector.

The Bearcat and Excalibur aren't in the mod, yet.

Actually, I never posted any screenshoots.
The ones that have been posted were uploaded by Bob McDob.
And, of those, only the New Constantinople, and Perry Naval Base made it into the mod.
In fact, the PNB in the mod isn't the same one in the screenshots.
It's like 3 or 4 versions later.

As to which ships you can fly:
1) From Privateer:
-Talon (2 versions)
2) From Wing Commander 1:
3) From Wing Commander 2:
3) From Wing Commander Armada:
4) From Wing Commander 3:
5) From Wing Commander 4:

Only the Paradigm, and TCS Vesuvius, aren't pilotable by players.
There are no ships from Privateer 2, or Prophecy, in the mod.
Easiest way to tell, is to see who's flying them.
Banshee flown by Sarn Consortium, look on Agricultural planets.
Thunderbolt flown by Confed, look at Perry, or the Battleships.
Gladius flown by Militia, look on Militia bases.
Pleasure Planets tend to sell high-end, or unusual ships, like Kilrathi ships.
Occassionally, Pirate, Militia, and Confed bases will too.
yeah, i figured it out, that i can only buy pirate ships at pirate bases :) I wont sell my Galaxy for a Talon though :) Servers online today, and maybe me too, so come and enjoy :) (will be offline on friday and weekend though :( )
Hey warzog, sorry to say this, but I couldn't fix the Sabre's textures, no matter what I did. Not surprising, since I had no previous Freelancer modding experience, but I tried.
Try asking someone at Lancers Reactors. You could probably find someone who knows what he's doing to quickly fix it.
Speak of the Devil!
I just got an email with a new version of the Sabre's mat file!
I'll check it out later, and report back.
Might be a bit ridiculous to do so.
(I'm hoping to release the next version in a week, or so, anyway.)
Drop me a line at: and I'll email the Sabre's new texture to you.