Privateer: The Reckoning OpenSP Beta v4.0


Currently in Alpha testing, v4.0 is expected to be released within the next few weeks.

Noteable updates:
1) Rewrote all 70 systems of the Gemini Sector.
--a) Much closer to the original Privateer Systems.
--b) Random missions available at every base.
--b) 540 People populating 99 bases and/or planets.
--c) 51 wrecks scattered about the sector.
--d) 76 new rumors added.
2) New Models added:
--a) New Constantinople Base
--b) Perry Naval Station
--c) Privateer 1's Mining Base
--d) TCS Vesuvius (Only as a base.)
--e) New, smaller, version of the Tarsus.

To date, all reports have been positive.
Only known CTD's have been due to the Perry Naval Station and old versions of DirectX.
(Need the latest version to prevent the CTD.)
Neither can I!
Unfortunately, LR's been down all weekend, and I haven't gotten many reports.
The ones I have gotten have only confirmed the CTD with Perry.
However, it appears that it only occurs during the first attempt at landing there.
Yes, typically a mod for game X requires you have game X installed. Freelancer Mod Manager makes applying mods like this one thousand times easier. :>

I have been horribly annoyed at being down for the past several days... a few friends and I have started meeting on a private server for missions and cargo runs and we have made lots of money, but we have had to find cargo runs the hard way... by landing on bases until we find good profitable runs... instead of just looking them up on LR. Heh.

Anyway, looking forward to Beta 4!
CTD=Crash To Desktop
Basically it means that while playing, the game crashes, stops, and you're back at the computer's normal operating condition.
(As though you'd never run the game.)

And YES!
The mod requires having Freelancer installed.
The mod uses the Freelancer's audio/graphics engine to run.
It basically replaces most of Freelancer's ships, systems, and bases, with new versions.
Recently discovered that the CD writing program that came with my computer has been corrupting my files.
I've had to go through and repair/replace what needed it.
The new version was uploaded to our ftp site for alpha-testing this morning.
Hopefully, it'll get tested this weekend.
That it is.

I purchased Freelancer last November when I discovered it's similarity to Privateer, and it's ease of modding.
I taught myself how to make mods, I've done about 18 so far.
And I've been pushing what can be done with a mod, sometimes unsuccessfully, ever since.

After v3.0 was accidently released before it was ready, I decided to take what I've learned, and start from scratch.
I've been working on the current version since June, and have put 4-16 hours a day into it.
Of course, that's not including the time that the modellers, texturers, and others have put into the mod too.

That's also not mentioning that we're still not finished.
There are several features we want to add, and several things still need tweaking.
The commodities always seem to need more work.
Yeah, I can imagine the trade system is one of the most complicated parts of the game.

4-16 hrs? Do you have a job? School? Or is your life pretty much a paradise? :p
info plz

hello befor i'm registred
i want to know some point
1: there is a multi players server for this mod
2: if no server for the mod, in the futur can you make one
thanks response me

i'm an old school player of WC123...and wc privater
but to hard to find a game like priv
you can contact me at
Exarch said:
Yeah, I can imagine the trade system is one of the most complicated parts of the game.

4-16 hrs? Do you have a job? School? Or is your life pretty much a paradise? :p
Yeah, I've got a job.
Usually work on mod when I'm not at work.
I'm 53, so kids are all grown up, and moved away.
(And my wife hogs the TV/VCR, watching her soaps, when she gets home.)
Less like Paradise, more like, well, you know.
Unregistered said:
1: there is a multi players server for this mod
2: if no server for the mod, in the futur can you make one
There WILL be several servers set up.
(There was one for an earlier version, but it had so many bugs, they shut it down.)

However, Freelancer allows you to set up your own server.
You can go online and invite others to play the mod with YOU!

The mod is being released at WC CIC, and Lancer's Reactor.
It's called "Privateer The Reckoning OpenSP Beta"
Keep an eye out for it.
Woohoo, awesome work Warzog and all of those who worked with you on it. I can't wait to have time to play it.
when do you get out of the first system? currently stuck with juni and king and manhattan or whatever it is. can't remember.

the mod is freaking awesome! did you guys end up using my cent and tarsus? or remodel them with lower counts? whoever textured those puppies did a phenomenal job BTW. everything in there is top notch.

to bad we start with the epee.....such a puny and weak fighter...but, if you survive, you can honestly say you're good :)

excellent job warzog and team!

Brad Mick

You start with a Tarsus. Maybe you have the wrong version. ;)

BTW, I found something that might be a bug, warzog. On New Constantinople I could sell wood for $66, but the trade info at the bottom said that Jolson had the better price with $33, and NC doesn't even show up on the info. I have a screen if you want it.
nope, its v4. started with an epee, and i'm stuck doing the missions. not exactly all that fun...i wanna explore gemeni.

Brad Mick
Something's wrong!
If you're stuck doing the missions, you either have a bad download, or a corrupt file, or you may need to reinstall Freelancer.
V4 starts you on Jolson, and you'll never see the missions, Juni, King, or the Sirius Sector.
And you DO start with the Tarsus.

As to the questions about the Centurion...
I don't know where it's from.
Bob McDob and Tolwyn sent me models, and I put them in.
No idea where they're from.
(They gave me a list of modelers, but no idea of who did what.)

The Tarsus is a new version, from a new modeler by the name of Sadra.