Privateer 2: Angus Santana game breaking bug - info + questions


Hey all.

I'm currently playing through Wing Commander Privateer 2: The Darkening. I've installed the GOG version using the GOG offline installer, and on top applied the "DOS to Windows Patch" and the "Privateer 2 Enhancement patch" (can get them both from here:

Unfortunately I've stumbled upon what I think is the Angus Santana game breaking bug.

The bug comes into play when doing the Hal Taffin mission. If you make the choice to pay Taffin, you will not be able later find Angus Santana on Anhur which makes it impossible to further progress in the game. You are thus forced to load an earlier save game, and make the right choice not to pay Taffin. If you don't have an earlier save game, you are simply out of luck and will have to restart the entire game. Of course, I didn't have an earlier save game and am now unable to find Angus Santana after paying Taffin...

The bug has been mentioned previously (1, 2) and is apparently only present in the DOS version. According to this WC news page you can apply the Privateer 2 17.0e (Buffalo Wings) patch which will fix the bug.

Now here are my questions:

1. According to pcgamingwiki the 17.0e patch should already be applied to the GOG release. But if this is the case, why am I experiencing the bug?

2. Are there any other huge game breaking bugs I should be aware of?

I was a bit unsure whether the best place to post this was here or the GOG forum. Maybe I'll also post to GOG later.
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