Meeting Angus Santanna On Anhur...hes not there!


Hi, I have recently bouth Privateer II and am enjoying it alot, but either I am doing something wrong, or there is something terribly wrong with the game.

When still on the first CD, it comes to the point when I have to meet Angus Santanna of Interplanetary aid on Anhur. I exit to transit, and I assume that interplanetary aid should appear on the Anhur world map somewhere. It is not there, however, only the Shadow bar, and he isnt there either. I'm still flying the Straith, and everything else is fine apart from this one thing that is stopping me progressing. Anyone know what to do?


-- Fyrix
I vaguely recollect having similar problems the first time I started playing the game. I don't recall what the solution is, or even why it occurs, but iirc, if it happens, you're pretty much out of luck. I recommend stopping by a spoiler site such as GameFAQs and checking out a walk through for that portion of the game.
thanks but...

Hmmm, I hear what you are saying, but I doubt a walkthrough will help because it will tell me to go and see angus santanna, which would normally be really simple, but in this case, it isimpossible to, because there is no option to visit his office on the PAD, in transit.

Thanks anyway.

Anyone else have any idea why this is happening?

Its really annoying, because it completely blocks any progression in the game.
Walkthroughs often list the most common hang-ups with games, including trouble spots where things that ought to happen don't occur.
As it turns out, however, I already checked GameFAQs for you (since I'm such a nice guy), and the only help guide there does not contain a walk-through. It does list a bug with Angus, but its the exact opposite of the one you're having (the 'Visit Angus' message apparently sometimes sticks around after you've visited him).
My advice - since no one has responded to you yet, you should check around on the internet (there's quite possibly a guide on the main site here) and see if someone has a help guide posted somewhere that has the information you need.
I'll try!

Thanks for the help, I'll have a look, and thanks for looking at game faqs. Seemslike a huge bug if it is a result of a fault in the game.


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Ow, that made my tongue hurt! Well, PR and Joe Kane, if you insist. Just look up Santana, which will unlock Interplanetary Aid. Look that up, and you unlock the destination. Same as with Taffin.
I realize that this thread is dead and burried, however after spending the last few hours researching this very problem, I located this:


In it, there is one phrase I will point out, and that is:

Note: if you land on Anhur and you dont see an Interplanetary Aid on the map, you have found a bug in the game. You will need to start over to get past this point.

That quote is under the Main Plot Mission 6 heading. Just pointing this out to you guys. I tried "researching" Santanna, and although I read both articles many times (about the man and also his company) the location never did appear. Hope this helps someone else so they don't need to spend as much time on it as I did.