prisoners, capships, and fighters should be saved


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I remember when Exo Squad realeased it's toys with ROBOTECH.

It might not even be so much as SIVAR, thier culture was based off Imperial Japan, the code of the Samurai, just darker and more violent (though the sams were pretty violent). There code of honor pretty much made it you could not fail your leige lord. The emporer in Japan was considered Divine, maybe it was the same as the Emperor in WC, though they never really allude to it.
The Kilrathi are a warlike society that was pretty much doomed, it needed conflict to support it, the same thing happened in Japan. The cats just had a race give them technology to fight in space against others.

The Japanese could have gone the same way, but they were kinda forced into the modern world. I love history channel, damn americans ( I love being american) fire off a volley of cannons at Edo, kind of hard to defend against that with swords.

Oh and off topic, all you Katana fans out there, the Katana is the finest sword crafted on this planet, but it was not the deadliest, that goes to Epees and Rapiers, plenty of Samurai were killed by fencers cause they couldn't match the speed of a stabbing blade.

That one is just to start a fight Tee-Hee