Our new 3D printer

I'll keep you posted.
Hey LOAF, you know what would make feel super duper special? The front page of the CIC reading "Stefan Schoenhoff, avid fan, insane models." Yea...

Send along some pictures and we'll talk! :)

(As for swearing - you're certainly allowed to do it... but lets try to keep a higher standard of intelligence around here?)
Anybody know how to get a screencap from Inventor? I'd like to show you where I am right now

With your model open, go to either 'save as' or 'save copy as' (can't remember which) in the file menu and then change the file type to jpeg/gif/bmp/whatever. You will get a picture of whatever orientation your model is in at the time.
To capture an image from Inventor, go to File > SaveAs for your model and then change the extension from ipt. or iam. to JPEG, GIF or BMP.
Newb question- How do I attach an image?
Almost done:D

In the additional options section, there is an Attach Files section. Click on Manage Attachments, hit one of the browse buttons, select the file you wish to attach, and hit upload.

Like so!


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Hey not bad... looks pretty good Looks like it needs to be a little longer or a dimension or few is off but other than that looks rockin
If time permitting can you post up different views sometimes the 3d ortho graphic is hard to visualize from the sides front or back.... So I guess my question would be could you post a left/right, Top/bottom pic? I can tell you a little more when I'm able to see them. I think the tower may need to be shorter, but a little longer towards the rear of the ship. But Still that looks awesome.
Won't be doing any work today, we're launching our rockets we built a few weeks ago. I may have more pics up in an hour, but definitely tomorrow.
Not a bad model, there!

I agree...it's not whether the tower should be longer...I think the aspect ratio is a little off.

It's not necessarily that the whole model needs to be stretched, but maybe the part near the tower....the back end actually looks pretty good.

Some really good modeling here, at any rate! Thanks for sharing this with us! :)
Oops. I forgot that tomorrow is Saturday, so I won't be able to get any more pics up.
For anyone who's interested, Team Ramrod's Rocket went up about 3 feet before the chute had a premature ejaculation. On the second attempt, we got to about 50 some odd feet. The Black Mamba went up maybe 100 feet and off about 50 yards, but the chute failed to deploy. It ended up stuck like a javelin in the football field.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. My teacher sent an E-Mail to the printer guys, but we have't heard back yet.