Our new 3D printer


Can only speak in simple sentances. Missed a few MINOR details.
God, we all know what that feels like. Though "english" is only my second lauguage, babel being my first. I still have trouble truly grasping it.

Soundsd like your making progress and that's great in it's own right.
Getting a prototype carrier up and running is no small feat. Getting the reactor up and running. Getting an inexsperienced crew trained and familiar with the newest Confed technology. System checks and diagnostics to work out the bugs in countless ship systems in a ship that is almost 5 Kilometers long is a very daunting task. A paint job will be a pleasure I'm sure. Just wait until the new fighter wings arrive and the time to test the flight control systems comes. Shake down flights are very important and I hope you don't rush things too much and put lives at risk. Flying off of a carrier is hazardess enough without technical issues with software and equipment problems.
What are you going to call her?
They've got us surrounded. Poor bastards.


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That's pretty neat...Makes me want to play with Playdoe for some reason, and set up a stop and go animation movie with the carrier and some fighters ;):p


Making a Caernavon next. I'm going to get started tomorrow.
EDIT: Scratch that, let's go with a Tallahassee next. If someone could get me images one, preferably with a Yorktown with it, that would be super.
In which section?

Are you having issues with edges on two separate faces that appear to be colinear refusing to join? You may need to redo the section of the model causing that issue. Are these models joined surfaces or 3D solids? If they're 3D solids, cut sections at all the places where the profile changes and try to make a new loft. If they're joined surfaces, you may be able to blow away the face that won't join, orient a reference plane to a useful set of points, and draw/constrain the face properly.

Keep at it!


Today won't be doing any work, Awards day and Yearbook stuff. Scrapped the original and started over, I made a huge error. This may end up becoming a summer project, we get out next week.