New take on Hellcat V


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[...]I would ... round some corners and make the intakes more conformal to the fuselage.
Hey. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. But could you help me out here? „round some corners“ - Check, I know what you mean, especially when thinking about the „Panther“... BUT
What do you mean with „make the intakes more conformal to the fuselage“? - Where the hell is the fuselage? 🤷🏼‍♂️ And which intakes did you mean? The upper ones or those beneath the Wings?


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The fuselage is the central structure where the pilot and engines are - the part that's not the wings. The intakes are on the upper surface. I think the lower openings you're referring to are missile launchers.

When something is more conformal to the fuselage, that means it's angles to shape smoothly with the body as opposed to jutting out of the main structure.