New Models Dump Thread!

also, after reviewing the claw marks exeter prints, and then your exeter cyb, i've put this little thing together to help you out.


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heheh Brad, i think you should refer to Sprites and build models from there ;) Claw Marks's blue prints differes from the original sprites greatly and lack the detailes as well. sprites much better reference in that case for detailes adn additional stuff.

And those bevels are good, cause they give the ship not so simple box shape. As long as we do not have original models (and if we had they would be very clsoe to the sprites aren't they?) let me use the sprites as the reference and add this small bevel thing to the nose of the ship, which gives it much better look. I can agree with you on the wc2 ships, cause we have the reference models, but i can't agree with you here. Sprites for me play the main role in modeling the WC1 era ships. Although that bridge could be made round and not so boxy, cause Sprite has it as round one, it was my fault.

Could you finish your Salthi model? cause i have no desire to model Salthi. I revised the model i understood it needs complete remodeling, so better to use your one. Could you finish it? or let me texture it if you do not want to lose the time.
gevatter Lars said:
I like the additional strukture of the Exeter. Makes it look more detailed.

you do this with textures, or make it an even grade. randomly raising bits here and there on the model doesn't make it 'more detailed'.

as far as beveling goes, it's not a good way to go with a game mesh. why? it wastes polys. spend the polys on other things. adding random bits of detail just for 'the sake of detailing' isn't a good modeling practice, also....and i can't stress this enough. It's not what you think is good, its accuracy. I don't feel like remodeling everything because it's not accurate.

as far as textures go, i've got that covered in so far as stuff goes.


the wing things are cool, they're the little black strips on them. they go all the way back to the back of the wing though, not stop short.

edit 2:

scratch that last, after examing some of the other sprites from WC1, i'm more inclined to believe thats a texture bit, not model detail. its this black/green alternating line texture....kind of like a caution tape, only black and green.
Great work on the Rapier (my favorite WC ship btw)!

I was wondering if you would texture the Rapier like in WC2, with the green and the white? I think it would look much better then texture wise.
Umm... If it helps out you guys can use my hornet model. It's not textured, but It's not bad quality. I'm having a little problem posting pics, but you can check out the link to my website in the signature area below. The pic links are right on the main page.
I'm making a palette file for modellers to work from, should standardize the colors and styles used for the ships, it'll mean that all the ships will match, eg should look confed/kilrathi, should all have matching color schemes etc.
i would like to do the ferret (wc2) and the gladius(privateer)
some questions first:
-what should be the polycount for fighters
-i use cinema 4d r8 i can give the models in 3ds or direct3d is this suitable?
-where can i get some blueprints and/or pictures of the ships i like to model?
-is there a gallery with all the crafts modelled so far?

Which software?

I'm tempted to throw in my hat to play around modeling something ('cause I'm such a fan :D ), but what software are y'all using, and what's the process for 'checking out' a model in order to work on it?

Or, I could read the rest of the forums, and hit up the vegastrike wiki... I guess that's why my name's what it is :)

There's modelling going on over in the WCU section of the VS forums. That's probably the best place to ask about it.
And there's modeling of Wing Commander ships in the Crius Fan Projects & Editing Forum.