New Models Dump Thread!

The Rapier just LOOKS fun to fly. Awesome. Textures wise, I vote we go for more realistic/subdued for WC1 and WC2 era ships (aka keep your rapier the way it is now), or they'll look out of place when mingled with more modern ships. We can bet that if Origin had 3d accel back then they would have done the same, I think.
i agreed here with Spirit Brad. We need realistic textures and not catroonish look. 100% model similarity but we have to intelligent to understand that wc1 and wc2 era ships have to have realistic textures. Although that doesn't mean that we need to change the color scheme, although avaoid the cartoonish looks at all costs..
For some older ships, it would be good to have different liveries (just change the tonality of some elements and add a logo I guess) since it's a good guess that, say, by 2669 you would see the BW or Militia using ferrets or epees... Right now I'm revising units.csv to make sure that military factions ALWAYS use milspec vehicles and other factions use the modular upgrade system. (to clarify: Kilrathi Gothri will always be armed with 2 massdrivers and 2 particle, but a Gothri owned by kilrathi rebels might have a different gun loadout, say that the original guns crapped out and were replaced with what was at hand -- same as the player does.)
well, its more keeping the look of the original, as i've (i think anyway) stated before. Lets do it the proper way first, and then add the revisions and what not later. Once we've got a solid foundation in the original way it was meant to be, we can revise. the goal is to create accurate to the original everything first for the community, stuff to suit our needs second.
alrigthy, here's the revised texture dealy.

Whenever anyone does a texture job, make it 100% true to the original first, and then paint a dirt map, or whatever. but be sure that the textures are 100% accurate recreations first :)
BradMick said:
alrigthy, here's the revised texture dealy.

Whenever anyone does a texture job, make it 100% true to the original first, and then paint a dirt map, or whatever. but be sure that the textures are 100% accurate recreations first :)

not to scary people away i have to add, that it was decided to have realistic textures as well, but at the first palce all models should go with the original textures.
well, just some update on the Rapier progress.



as i said before, you may take a look at all renders and angles under our webby here ->
WOOOOT!!!! that looks friggin professional!!!

One thing -- if at all possible don't add external guns, those are added by the VS engine.
actually i was going to model them right now.

The thing is that gunz on those ship are unmountable. Its better have them modelled and proper placed on the model right now, than jsut add fx to them. I think that's should go for all wc1- wc2 era ships. otherwise we are risking to make a mess.

another thing i wanted to ask you Spirit, could you make this thread sticky adn delete that old one "3D models to do list" cause nwo this is the thread where all the modeling stuff will be going on. plz.
hey Brad, just got an idea, maybe in order to keep the textures of WCU ships we are modeling of the same design, maybe i should texture them? That way you may mainly concentrate on the model developing and all the ships that come with WCU will have the same style, which is essencial for the game. Just when the model is finished and UV maps are layedout you may send them to me and i'll start to texture them with the same style i did Rapier and Shuttle, is it a deal? Of course keeping the original color schemes.

Concerning original textures... well that's another thing, you still may continue do them for your ships and i'll be doing for mine. So there be not oly 99.9% proper modeled ship but textures as well.
alright, i've been working on Salthi and Exeter for the last day, none of them is finished but i'm working on it to finalize the models and pass the QA by Brad. So here is the results so far:







you may find all renders and the images of other ships as usual here ->

and here

Also i've updated the site, so do nto forget to check it out as well and Spirit, if you have any info that needs to be posted there, just tell me... also waiting for LOAF's design docs to be finished.
Quite the nice Exeter - Only a couple of things (which, you said it's not done yet, so it's possible you've already got these planned :p) The turrets on the side of the bow, according to Claw Marks, are dual-gun, though they seem to be single-gun on your model. Also, there seems to be a bit of a fillet/fin type thing horizontally mounted on those pipe-things that are at 45 degree angles to the main hull. Here's the Exeter's Claw Marks page.

On the Salthi - based off Claw Marks, I belive the fuselage is supposed to be more rounded, particularly in the cockpit area, not so faceted. Plus the long lasers under the wing.

Salthi Claw Marks
yape i know, it's WIP images.

Salthi needs rounding and gunz, Exeter needs that fin type thing. On the side it has duel gunz, its just the angle that you can't see the second barrel from.
i was looking across some files of mine last night trying to find my WC1 sprite references when i stumbled across this ship. I don't remember when i did it, but i had started one at some point, should probably finish it. oh well, i think i was using the sprites to model it, anyway, enjoy!


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