Nephilim Remodels

You all know this ship.
The most basic bug fighter, absolutely multirole and perfectly useless, being just insufficiently equipped for any task.
Though you'll meet it everywhere, it's you first and last opponent in every fight.
You'll meet it everywhere. Patrol the sector, wipe the Confed patrols, support and cover bombers, protect capships, harass space station - they're just everywhere.
Meet the Moray!
288 -> 2614 polies, and well, I'm happy with the shape, even if it follows the texture and arts, rather than the original model.
C&C welcome as always.


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When you walk in the sea and an eel bites your knee that's...a moray....

Looks nice. I like the rounded engine sections better than the angular ones (aka the bottom two examples).
And now textured in almost glorious 2048x2048. The ship changed a lot and, unlike Manta, one can easily tell where's the old Moray and where's the new, but oh well.


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I like the textures, I think they'll look good in SO when we apply spec maps and enhance the saturation a bit. One thing though that I might've missed before: the guns look a bit skinny on the Moray, They looked thicker on the sketches. I think the length is fine, but I'd make them rounder and scale them up a bit.
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Looks great! My only complaint is that the old version seems a bit more streamlined. The original wing is a little bit shorter, and tapers off faster towards the front of the ship. It's hardly a big change, but it has a very definite impact on the "feel" of the ship. All of a sudden, the Moray feels more like a medium fighter than a light fighter.

However, let me say, I just tried pasting the old image on top of the new, and then slowly erasing the old to reveal the new Moray underneath, and with the exception of the wing, the result is spectacular: a near-perfect match, and the only thing that changes is the quality. Coolness.
Wow, so many answers.
@Triple-B, well, I can make it brighter, but do I really need to?
@FekLeyrTarg, thanks!

Now to the actual model:
The ship was slightly desaturated on purpose - I though the colors are getting too bright.
As for the guns: point taken, remodelling approaches.
As for the wing... The wing is larger on new model, true. I followed the sketch and picked the exact shape from the texture.
I can cut it back to original shape, but a: I don't want and b: messing with finished and UVed model isn't that good.

I'd say @DefianceIndustries is the one to decide, since he's the one to receive this model later for MUP.

And, since this is getting complete in nearest days anyway - DefianceIndustries, what victim would you prefer next? Skate and Skate T/B/M clusters, I guess?
Yes, yes you should. Not even a single rhyme in there!
In my defense, having been up for 32 hours, I'd somehow gotten it in my head that Dralthi was pronounced Dralth-Eye, not Dralth-Eee. I think I was going off of Rakti Blood Drinker's taunt in WC2 (where he pronounces his name as Rak-Tee).

Could we go with "It's not flown by Drakhai / And not shaped like a pie"?
There're bombers in a thread near here.
They can't be left unharassed. There's Moray for that and Manta as well, and now this very agile interceptor.
229 -> 1964 polies for now. Final result may be more or less, depending on how the UVing goes and how much would I be able to clean it up.
Clusters coming later.


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Pelicans will die.
Your capships will die.
Their escorts will die.
You will die.
Everyone will die.

Skate, Skate T, Skate B, Skate M. Bonus: Alien Torpedo.
Tried some cheating in making textures, sorta curious if you will notice the difference.


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