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RiotAct218 said:
Applebee's in Albany, rock on brother!
I don't think there is an Applebee's in Albany. Unless you're referring to the one at Colonie Center. Ick.


For quite a while now, I've been dangerously under-employed, and finances have been to the bone. However, I'm up for a position at a local Urgent Care (pending a background check thingy). If/when it all works out, I have a considerable amount of debt to pay back (~$5g's). That's my first priority. However, after that, when I have a little financial breathing room, guess what's gonna be one of the first "splurge" type expenditures I make?

You got it, Johnny!: I'm heading to Applebees, and also a local place called "Jalapeno's" (and prolly a cpl other places I'll come up with in the meantime), and

I'M A GONNA HAVE ME SOME NACHOS, buddy!!!..........

Yeah, das' right; I'm talkin 'bout I'm going on a nachos BENDER; a veritable ORGY of nacho goodness!!!....

::uses Shop-vac to clean up small lake of drool collected in keyboard, then hits "Post message" button::