psych said:
RFBurns is probaly referring to Boudin, if I'm not mistaken. It's a cajun sausage consisting of pork and rice.
Indeed! (forgive spelling error) And quite tasty and filling. But watch out for them stuffed Boudin, packed with hot (very hot) peppers and sour cream. (thats why there is plenty of beer around! :D )


My fave way of doing tacos: beef, lettuce, cheese, and some salsa drizzled on top.
Fave way to top nachos: melted cheese, cut up olives (black olives), lots of salsa.
Fave drinks to wash 'em down: Barq's Root Beer, Orange Soda, Dr. Pepper.


Boudin sounds awesome, it would seem that I have been living the sheltered life, having never heard of it. I love any food that's spicy (like nachos); my current quest is to find and/or make the ultimate buffalo wing sauce.
Why so I crave nachos and can't get them cause I am crippled at home lol. After reading this I have been craving them, cheese, beans, olives, tomatoes, chives, and especially jalapenos.

Damn, its worse now lol.


Mmmmm, nachos (or as Dan Quayle sez, "nachoes").

Best nachos ever (no particular order after the first one, as it's so HARD to choose!)

1) Nino Taco (Randallstown, MD, a NW 'burb of Baltimore) :cool:

- IHOP (near Pikesville, MD, another NW Balto 'burb)
- Applebees (Albany, NY)
- Galveston's (GOOB - Gone Out Of Bidness - in Syracuse)
- Pizzeria Uno (various)
- Fresno's (Syracuse)
- Chili's (various)

Finally, for a change of pace, I present, the best Cheesesteak in the known universe:

Gino's Steaks (9th & Passyunk Ave, South Philly - the "little Italy" section of town). I used to live just a couple blocks from them in Grad school. Mmmmmm! :cool: