Moving onto Righteous Fire

I can't remember exactly, because it's been a year since I played RF. Still, I'm quite certain that if you just do what the Admiral tells you to do, you'll get there. Note that there's a secret jump point in Valhalla which leads to the Eden System.
You know, I had a feeling there was going to be a secret jump point somewhere in that mission. In fact, I thought I ran across it, bnut I was too intent on getting out of there at that point.
It's not exactly secret any more... as I recall, you should have its location marked on the nav map.
OK, I've been back and forth to valhalla twice now and can find nothing. I even took some guild missions because I was bored. HELP!
In Valhalla, you must go to the Eden jump point. If you don't know where that is, then you obviously need to go meet Monte again... though I can't remember where he is. Probably in that place that he was last time.

And as for the moon, you don't go towards the moon in Valhalla, but in Eden. And even then, you only do so after talking to the Retro priest on the planet.
Yeah, it's been even longer since I played, thanks for the correction, Q. Monte was at a pirate base or a mining base, if I recall. Not far from New Caledonia, if I remember correctly. Somewhere off the line that ran between there and Perry.
Monte was last seen on New Detroit. But I thought he was going into hiding? I guess I'll have to jump around in that area to try to find someone. So far the only person I can still visit and talk to is Adm. Terrell. He tells me I did a good job, but there was no retro base. Then he says Epsilon group disappeared somewhere around J900, 17AR, Telor and Valhalla systems. This is when I go to look for Eden. OK, I guess I'll try looking for Monte again.
Haven't played RF for a while, either... On one of the missions Monte gives you, you're supposed to pick up some documents from an 'informant'. I believe he's on the Drake mining base in the Capella system. Go to the bar there and you find the 'informant' is really a Retro gone... retro. Talk to him and you'll see what I mean. He'll give you the coordinates to the Eden system, assuming you haven't got there yet. From there, the missions shouldn't be too hard to pick up.
<Snaps his fingers> Yeah, that's it! It's not Monte you're looking for, it's his informant. Do what Wedge009 said.
OK! I waxed Jones! I viewed the burned-out temple! I dusted Retros without their high-falutin' new ships! I've gone to see Terrell and got the big congrats! Is that it? What about my gun? I decided what the hell, i'd take a spin through Kilrathi territory and find that they like me while the Confeds all want to kill me. Am I on the cats' side now? What if i run into one of the big Cat ships?
I'm so close to being done!!!!
Yes, the congrats is all you get. Game over. No gun

If the Confeds are hunting you, you must have done something to annoy them. I have no idea why the Kilrathi would like you, though.
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If Confed don't like you, it means you've killed too many of their ships, this in turn encourages a 'friendly' disposition from the Kilrathi towards you. Likewise, if you beat up on Merchants, Hunters will (try to) grab the bounties on your head, but Pirates become 'friendly'.

But does this really mean anything to you, Spanky? Sorry, but I can't believe someone would spend so much effort to finish a game only to sell it straight after.
I've been playing this game for over four years off and on- Except for that awesome movie where the stelteks take the derelict ship, the graphics suck. Doing so many missions left me with plenty of cash so I had the full boat of goodies. No more challenge.
I do, however, stoll have my Prophecy gold, which i love to revisit every now and again. Better play, better story and FAR better to look at.
Besides, I have Proph Gold which I still enjoy revisiting every now and again. Better play, better story, and MUCH better to look at.
I don't know that I'd say that Prophecy Gold has a better story. I like Priv better becasuue of it's open ended nature. Seems like it would be somewhat easier to create more add-ons for it. In a lot of ways it has much more replay value for me than Prophecy.
Privateer is the best game IMO in the
Wing Commander series. I'm still playing it off and on (or I would if the machine would not lock up) on a weekly basis. Open ended, a good story line, everything was there. Privateer 2 was not Privateer. WC1 thru WC3 were great. WC4 sucked. Prophecy was ok, except that I am 'burned out' on mission oriented space games.
IMO,WCIV was the best of the mainline series. Had the best story and plot by far, though some of the missions were a little too easy, in large part due to the leech missle. Priv 1 is my favortie overall. Priv 2 is okay, but I didn't like it as well as some of the other games, especially since it didn't fit as well.