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How the hell do I play RF on the CD ROM version??? Do I actually have to complete every single mission in Privateer to move forward? Someone please help! I have the artifact, but no other leads. I went to Oxford and no one would tell me anything. Again, HELP!!!!
you play RF by typing rf instead of priv at the C:\privater> prompt.


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I met up with the smuggler guy and he was killed- is that what you're referring to? I also met up with Tayla. Or do I have to go back to some system?
Did you do ALL the missions for Tayla? Once you do that, I think you have to go to Oxford, and to the library. You won't be allowed to research the artifact right away, but you get some missions there.
First off, I did try typing RF, that's the way I used to play from the floppy version. Now it won't let me- I think it gives me an error message- I'll try to find out what that is and get back to you.

I don't know what I did for Tayla, but I'm positive I didn't fly all of her missions. Once she disappers is she gone for good or can I go back and find her? Do I agree to do the illegal stuff too? Thanks for the help.
You do have to do all of Tayla's missions including the illegal things. On plus, is you get an extra storage area for your ships that is shielded. Makes smuggling easier.
Hey guys- Now that I'm doing all of the missions asked of me the game is so much more interesting. If you choose not to do the missions, you move no farther in the game - so why offer a choice? I just got the steltek gun and now the alien is chasing me. Any way to get rid of him, like talking to or destroying him? Anyway, thanks for the help guys I appreciate it.
Yeah, I've actually been playing this game off and on for about four years, but I never followed through on some of the "illegal" missions- I figured, why are they giving me the choice? I flew all over the quadrants (over time) and never found any more info. I had a "Privateer Fest" on thursday night- played for five hours straight because it had gotten so enjoyable. Anyway, I just finished up with the Map Girl, and on my way back to her I was pursued by an alien and I killed him. Now I'm just kind of randomly picking missions and doing them. Did anyone ever run across that hollow asteroid with all of the ordnance? I'm thinking it's in Mah Rahn, but don't know if I'll be wasting my time chasing this. OH, and about playing RF, when I type RF I get an error code #1910. Any clues? Thanks again for the help.
One more thing- I've looked in my Privater directory and on the CDROM and cannot find RF.exe anywhere. I do, however, find the RF.TRE file, along with the PRIV.TRE file and the RF.BAT in my PRIV directory. Any help would be welcome.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I've searched every system in the quadrant, and that hollow asteroid simply doesn't exist. Actually, I was quite certain it didn't exist when I started looking for it - but the search was a lot of fun
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So what's up with this error code #1910? I just want to play some RF, now that I know how to really play the game instead of just flying around doing all of the missions! Any help would be appreciated!
Is that "error #1910" a Win error message?
If that's the case try to look up its meaning in Microsoft Knowledge Database by searching for that error code.

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The error is a DOS message. I haven't finished privateer, but I want to play some RF, and that's what happens when I'm out at the dos prompt and type:


The JEMM unloads and gives me the error message
Hmm...since it has been a really looong time that I played P1 (not to mention RF that I don't own) I have no clue what causes that error.

Sorry, but you'll have to wait 'til someone else figures this one out.

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Ah, found it. Straight from Origin's Tech Support page (which can actually be helpful sometimes

"Error #1910"
Solving this error message requires that you make a boot disk. Create the boot disk as per the instructions for the game. Restart your system with the boot disk and then try to run the game again. If you get the same error message, you must "EDIT" the A:\CONFIG.SYS file. Change the line FILES=25 to FILES=40 (if your FILES are less than 25, raise them to 25). Change the line BUFFERS=25 to BUFFERS=40 (if your BUFFERS are less than 25, raise them to 25). Reboot with the boot disk and try running the game again.


Note that you probably don't need to actually create a boot disk, contrary to what they say
. Just make sure that you put FILES=40 and BUFFERS=40 into your config.sys, and it should work.

Oh, and there is no RF.EXE. You simply run RF.BAT.
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My boot disk already has the files and buffers set at 40 and 40, so that can't be the problem. I'm under the impression it is giving me the error because I haven't finished priv yet. Would I be wrong in thinking this? Also, would I type rf.bat at the dos prompt to play RF? I thought all I needed to do was type RF? This was all I needed to do when I had the floppy version of the game.