Moving onto Righteous Fire

Ok, well, if that doesn't work, try a complete re-install.

In order to run rf.bat, you do just type rf
. The difference between the floppy and CD-ROM version is that the floppy has separate exe files for both, while the CD-ROM version only has one exe file.
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I'm almost finished with the first part of the game- if it doesn't move me forward, I'll do as you suggest. I'll be sure to let you know what happens. Thanks again for the assist.
Just be sure to make a backup of your pilot before wiping Priv
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YES- Did as you suggested Quarto and reinstalled- I'm actually playing Righteous fire!!! Yahoo! OK, so what's my objective here? I haven't seen a soul in any of the bars yet.....

What's the objective? Well, you lost your gun and you want it back, right? So, why don't you go do some _research_ on who might have done this?
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Try some of the same bars you met other people before. If you never finished Privateer, you may not know some of the places. It's been a few years since I've played, but usually a good bet is New Detroit, Perry Naval Base, Oxford, trying to recall any others...
OK, here's a quick question- some of the assignments from the people seem to overlap- is it ok if soime of them are done out of order? For instance, the I'm done with the guy in Oxford, but he's talling me to make some investment in order to have another good report for the guy he wants to set me up with. What investment is he talking about?
It's been too long since I've played. Is he wanting money? I remember later in the game, Roman Lynch wanted cash to do something for you, but I don't recall the Oxford guy doing that. And Lynch does it for free if yiou take someone out for him. Still it has been too long for me. Maybe Quarto can help. You did successfully complete his missions?

And yes, you can have overlapping missions, if I recall you have to do missions for both Masterson and Tayla and perhaps Murphy, who is on Edom, in New Con (the more I write, the more I remember.) After you complete them, they give you recommendations and I believe directions on how to contact someone named Monte.
Masterton (the guy in Oxford) needs to know if you're reliable. That's why he wants you to invest some time in getting recommendations from other employers. In other words, what you need to do is complete the mission sets from three other people, and then come back to him.

Yes, you can work for two or more people at the same time. However, it's kinda pointless, because if you're trying to do two missions at once, you'll end up failing one (because you generally don't have enough fuel to complete all those jumps). Note that what Masterton tells you to do isn't a mission, though. His mission set is now finished. So get out there, and complete the mission sets for three other people. And if you run into someone while doing a mission for someone else, don't even bother talking to them - just write down where you met them, and get on with the game. Also, keep in mind that some people will tell you about a bounty on someone's head. This is not a mission, but you should write it down - because later on, you end up killing the guy anyway, so you'll want to know where to collect your reward... actually, rewards.
Hey, thanks for all of the great tips- I'll be playing tonight so I'll let you know what i come up with- I don't think I finished the Edam missions - thanks for the reminder.
Hey guys- I ran into Menash or Meshack or whatever the heck his name is, and after taunting me a little bit he tried to jump out. I attacked him, but my cannons and missles seemed to make no dent in his shields. I fought through the waves of retros, but didn't know what to do after that. Then I bounced around to a couple of systems and when I checked my mission roster it said "No Missions" Should I have pursued him through the jump? Thanks!
Now that's a silly question
. Why wouldn't you pursue him through the jump point? Especially when it's worth about 70,000 credits and a record-wipe.

So to answer your question, yes. You should have jumped after him. I don't remember if you're supposed to kill the Retros first and then jump, or just ignore the Retros and jump right away... but I don't think it matters.
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Yeah, OK, I have to admit that when I was writing it down I was realizing the answering and felt pretty stupid. I don't know why i didn't go after him. No way i can reset that by talking to someone, huh?
Uh... I'm not sure. Try going back to Roman Lynch. It is possible that this will reset this mission (or maybe there's an alternative mission? Dunno). Other than that, I guess you'd have to load an earlier savegame - but if you're anything like me, you only have one savegame, right?
Yup, save only one game, hehe. I did go back to the Sociologist on New Detroit and he re-established the mission in my roster. I went back and wasted the goon who stole my gun. I just haven't picked up the bounties yet. I haven't seen Roman Lynch in RF yet- I assume he must be after this... By the way, I think I'm going to sell my Priv CD and boot disk after I finish the game, if you happen to come across anyone looking for one in your travels. $10 plus s&h.
What? You haven't seen Lynch? Hmm... I could have sworn you're supposed to have that done by now... yeah, you definitely are. One of the bounties comes from him. But then again, maybe this bounty is on a different head... dunno. Well, don't worry too much about that - Lynch is just an insignificant subplot in RF.

There seems to always be people looking for Priv, so I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a buyer.
Nope haven't seen Lycnh yet- Won't he ba mad that I killed Miggs? Anyway, I went to the admiral's office, patrolled the four locations where Epsilon group was lost and found nothing- I'm supposed to find some secret base with Jones, right? Should I go to them in the order he says? I came from New Caledonia.
No, Lynch won't be mad. As for your current mission... well, do whatever the Admiral tells you to do
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Haha, Yup, you're right- I should've learned from the last mistake. OK I did go to those systems, fought some retros, but found nothing. I'm ending in Valhalla, and there's no possible way to fly the mission in the order her describes- And believe me I tried it. Do I need to go to the surrounding systems??? OY!