Most memorable wc moment

tricky one, there are so many, but I think I ll have to go with the St. Helens arriving in the nick of time to save the Intrepid from the vesuvius as it is my most memorable

I can remember the seeing the intrepid taking a real hammering as it was trying to escape and being on the edge of my seat thinking "how will they get out this one?" with all the shots raining down on it all and then the St. Helens jumping in with the two super carriers slugging it out head on.

Even better was when the cutscene showed it was Eisen in command

Didn't the WingIII scramble missions use the old WingI scramble music? or is that just in my head?
Hmm... WC4. Taking down a destroyer with the stormfire gun. Really. After chasing down a bunch of capmissiles, I went after the destroyers, but I wasn't playing seriously - so instead of waiting for a torpedo lock, I go straight in and strafe the destroyer once from bow to stern with the stormfire gun. I forget the total number of rounds fired, but the same quantity of fire would barely have taken down a Hellcat. The destroyer went down just like that. Now, I don't know if the destroyer got hit by a torp or capmiss that I couldn't see, but the engagement zone was otherwise clear. It was like a scene in the movies where a character fires a handgun at a tank or battleship or some other huge, armored target and it promptly blows up, causing the character to stop and look down at the handgun in shock.
2nd Runner Up: Having stupidly thought "Flying through this trench on Kilrah is annoying and boring. Why don't I just try flying straight there?" and becoming drowned in Ekapsis, after a painful battle with Hobbes and Thrakhath, ship shot to hell, still far away from the Temblor fault, when my college roommate, who was watching me, asked: Why don't you just use that cloaking device thing again? (me through gritted teeth as I dodge an Ekapsi): "Because I already used it. You can only use it once." (him): "Are you sure? Can it hurt to try?" (me, amazed and relieved) "Ooooooooo....."

1st Runner Up: WCIV. The Vesivius, just about to reach the Sol jump point, detects the pursuing Intrepid. Tolwyn orders her to turn around and engage with the cold, but awesome, line "Sometimes when you have a junkyard dog snapping at your heels, it's best to turn around and kick it in the teeth." Cut to the bridge of the Intrepid, where a horrified Sosa exclaims that the Vesuvius is turning around, and Blair, barely controlling the panic in his voice, calls out "Battle Stations!" as the camera zooms in for an extreme close up.

That moment gave me chills.

All time greatest moment: WC1, a mission in SM1 (or maybe SM2?) The Claw is about to be ambushed in an asteroid belt, and I'm ordered to fly a roundabout patrol and ambush the ambush. I get there and find swarms of Gratha, and maybe a bunch of other ships as well (memory is hazy). After a pitched dogfight where my wingman gets so beat up I order them home, dodging rocks and Gratha fire in my Raptor, I finally beat the last fighter (by afterburning towards him, whipping around, and launching my mine, and then tapping my burners again---my inertia carries it into him. Years later I will realize that this is Seether's "move of a true master"). Missiles gone. All guns down except for a single neutron gun. Shields out. Armor stripped bare. Powerplant damage: heavy. Ion driver damage heavy, top speed down to about 150 kps. Nearly out of fuel. Targeting computer: practically inoperative. Comm systems: nearly inoperative. Acceleration absorbers destroyed. It takes me about seven minutes of continuously hitting C-1 to get my comm system to work enough to get clearance, and I limp onto the Claw's flight deck. But I wasn't about to eject to end the mission. Never have I loved a ship so much as that Raptor on that day. Damned fine fighter.
"but the same quantity of fire would barely have taken down a Hellcat."

There was one mission in WC3 where a destroyer seemed absurdly easy to destroy. I think it was the BioMissile mission in Locanda. The destroyer took only a little bit of damage and blew, and then I had plenty of time to chase down the biomissiles...
Was anybody disappointed in WC4 by not being able to fly Excaliburs? I was, which brigns me to the glorious moment when Pliers shows Blair the Dragon (Lance). I said "i take it" without thinking once. And then the scene with Dekker calling "idiots" the ones who just survived a tragedy :p
Was anybody disappointed in WC4 by not being able to fly Excaliburs? I was, which brigns me to the glorious moment when Pliers shows Blair the Dragon (Lance). I said "i take it" without thinking once. And then the scene with Dekker calling "idiots" the ones who just survived a tragedy :p

I was disappointed on my first playthrough, where I followed Panther's advice the whole time (I know a lot of people will disagree, but I'm not a huge fan of the "Dragon" was powerful, but not as clean a flyer as the Excalibur).

Then on my second playthrough I followed Hawk's advice and got to fly the Bearcat. That made up for any lack of Excalibur. What a fighter! Probably the cleanest flying fighter in the WC Universe. It's just too bad that it's guns were out one its wingtips...
Landing after your first mission in WC1.

Spirit's fate in WC2.

The overwhelming "wow!" factors with the opening cinematics of WC3 and 4.

The giant battle in Prophecy where Dallas meets his end.
The cutscenes:

The intro of WC2.

The ending of WC3, and, to some degree, the very last briefing on the losing path.

All the endings of WC4 - Blair's execution is awesome.

Some in-game moments:

Going from the losing path to the winning path on WC1.

Beating Thrakakth and his Sartha squad of doom.

Dueling with Thrakkath and returning to the Victory after the Behemoth is blown up.

Hunting down and not negotiating with Hobbes, the traitor.

Intrepid taking down a Confed Cruiser on a head on battle on Ella system.

All the missions on the Sol system on WC4, because it's so close to home.
Spirit's fate in WC2.

Oh yes...that, to me at least, was one of the most emotional parts of the series.

Especially the last "known" words of hers: what was the translation of it again?

The next time we meet will be in heaven?
Tolwyn goes down...

Most memorable moment... Tolwyn's trial. It's just f***ing awesome to hear all the witnesses blame him, point at him... his face revealing a massive feeling of self failure... I'm pretty sure that was the best one.

Another (which was already mentioned) one would be Blair's execution,as well as he ending as Admiral, Hawk as his assistant, sending the Black Lance forces... makes him look like he will end up as Tolwyn.

Tolwyns speach and argument with Blair at the end of WC4... "Who will protect us when the next race tries to dominate? Who can tell where will that threat come from and when? No... We must be prepared... Progress only comes through struggle. Fighting keeps us fit. Conflict ensures our readiness and our survival..." Funny thing, years after his execution he was proved to be right, when the Nephilim jump into Kilrah.

Finally, Bluehair and Angel in WC2 when they are flying broadswords (i think, don't recall exactly). They finish all the enemies and they say something like they they are a good team... makes you feel the love between them.

Edit: Oh, yes, and when Blair meets Seether at the beginning of WC4... "- Your gonna wish you'd never met me". Blair's defiant reply: "I already do".