Most memorable wc moment

I'd have to say...

WCIII has the greatest number of memorable scenes...
- Seeing the Connie in flames at the beginning
- The various scenes with Captain Eisen
- The execution of Angel
- The Blair - Thrakhath losing endings

WCII - Angel and Blair, and the stealth fighters

WCI - Just the whole experience...talking to shotglass..talking to the other pilots...and that launch scene (I still love the score - at "Squadron Dismissed" the slow building music, then the frantic "SCRAMBLE!!" music ;) ) I've downloaded the WC1 score from the CIC's archives and put it on my iPod...the "WC1 - Launch" bit STILL makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!
Shotglass must have been putting something in everyone's drinks to keep them all hopped up. They would "SCRAMBLE!!" for a simple patrol.
Another two moments from WC2.

I always liked the WC2 scramble cinematic more than the WC1, with the climbing the ladder into the fighter and all.

Also the first time I saw a capship explosion in WC2. I don't remember what mission it was, but I remember it was pretty frantic and I managed to be centered on the enemy capship when the Concordia did her in. I miss fabulous explosions like that.

Probably Wing Commander 1 intro on Amiga - that is to say with awesome (at the time) sounds and the briefings & launching scenes from the same game.. The musics, the atmosphere, well.. the whole deal. For me the newer Wing Commanders never made the same impression.
I really liked some story cutscenes
One of my favorite's when Blair meets Dekker for the first time, while he and the marines are sleeping :)
Also some scenes with hawk in wc4/wcp.
And bunch of in game moments, but none come to my mind in particular atm...
WC1: That damned Ralari rescue mission. I did rescue it, I swear! But then WC did hang, dammit, and never could I repeat the success...
WC1SO1: Blowing the starbase with Scims :) Jalthi sucks, Scim rules! :) Paladin's good wingman (Was it him? ;) I'm not sure)
WC1SO2:Flying Dralthis. I did love them :) Fighting rapiers in Dralthi was much more fun than killing Gvenhyvar with Raptor.

WC2:The intro where 'Claw is blown

WC3:let me think... The Behemoth's failure.

WC4:Oh... I love WC4. I'd say all the WC4 is my favourite and most memorable moment :)
For me, it was the unbelievable moments. Such as Hobbes betrayal ( I always stood up for him, even if I replay WC3). Catscratch's and Vagabond's death. The St. Helena's appearance. Finding out it was Tolwyn! I remeber thinking "we had him!!" Another good one was finding Melek in WC4. I shot the Kilrathi fighters to start a dog fight with them, just to see if they're still as good as before :p
The scene when the St. Helen's jumps in is really great. How often do we get to see two heavy carriers slugging it out with their main guns as opposed to their fighters. Watching them dance around during those scramble missions is so much fun.
Shotglass must have been putting something in everyone's drinks to keep them all hopped up. They would "SCRAMBLE!!" for a simple patrol.

That's true. It's like... "Awm man, another regular patrol on a peaceful sector... Anyway, LET'S MAKE A RUN FOR IT! SCRAMBLE!"
In that case those most old in the wing would loose again and again - they can't run as fast as young Blair ;)
So... pooooooooooor Paladin :-D He'd never get rid of Maniac
Wow long time no

I'd have to say my single most memorable, and my all time best kill, would have to the the Kitty orbital in Venice.

Missiles empty, one gun left on my battered bird, my wingman forced to retreat and more furry heavies comming down hard. With nothing to gain by dogfighting i gun straight for the station loosing my only gun to incoming fire....
So I ram.
And plow straight through to the other side hurting me like hell, but taking out the station to my utter surprise! It's a no brainer that i then just burnered back to base...
Like so many others, my memories of WC are quite numerous. It is veryhard to pick out one.

One of the first thoughts that come to my mind when I think of WC is in III and getting liquored and then flying a sortie.

My best friend at the time (who I haven't seen for ages because I now live on the other side of the country) thought that his monitor was on the fritz. It was funny watching him figure out that it was a game effect and that the only problem was the one in his head.

Ahhh, good times.