Most memorable wc moment


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I’m curious to know about some of the more interesting times people have had playing the Wing Commander games.

Probably the most memorable moment I’ve had was the first time I shot down a torpedo in wc2. One time when I was escorting a badly damaged Gilgamesh and saw a Kilrathi launch a torpedo I was sure I had just failed the mission. I’d spent a lot of time trying to shoot down missiles without any success; it never even occurred to me that torpedoes might be easier to destroy, so when my gun shots came into contact with the torpedo by accident I was shocked (and very happy) to see not only the torpedo blow up but the Grikath that launched it appeared to be destroyed by the explosion.
-First time i meet the starbase in WC1 : heavy damage on my ship and one gun left and lost my wingmen. I destroyed the starbase but i run a long time trying to escape from the next waves of kilrathi ships.

-Impressive moment when i saw the TCS St. Helens appear from nowhere in front of the TCS Vesuvius in WC4
_ First mission on a planet in WC3, i started looping, burning facing the ground and lifting the nose in the last second, until i killed myself :p
Definitely during a mission in WC4. It was one where you are up against an impossible number of Dragons and I had already replayed the mission umpteen times trying to beat it. This particular time I was almost to the end, but I was so shot to shit that I literally wouldn't be able to take even one more hit, eject siren is screaming, the ship had nothing left. So what appears? but the final two fresh Dragons looking for blood. Damn!, I'm finished, I know it, but I try to dodge around a bit anyway. against all conceivable odds, during my pitiful run for dear life, they both run right smack into eachother and explode. One to tell the grandkids.

I remember vividly the first time I hit a fighter with a dumbfire missile, WC1 against a pair of overlapping Krant coming at me head-on, the first dodged it but the second blew to pieces. I don't think Wing Commander has ever again given me such satisfaction!

It's hard to pick a favorite.. I liked beating Flash in the simulator and flying with him on my wing for the first time. I liked being able to fly with the Border Worlds and for the first time switching to a completely different military and carrier.

For my favorite in game, I would say this one: In Wing Commander 3 and 4 I would often hit afterburners and slide from waypoint to waypoint rather than clearing enemies and autopiloting in order to complete difficult missions successfully on Nightmare level. Often enemies would follow me back to my carrier and escorts where the fight would take place. One time in WC4, I had several wings meet at about the same time at the carrier (probably about 10 enemy fighters battling with myself and the wing on patrol by the carrier). It was a pretty intense and entertaining battle.
This is going to sound terrible, but for me it'd have to be the point at which in WC3 I discovered how to open a comm channel. I was quite young I think (7 I'm pretty sure... what can I say? It was my first game on any platform), and up until that point had ejected at the end of every mission besides the Victory so that I could get back onboard. The memory of getting off the losing track for the first time was rather refreshing to say the least. :p

Downing my first Skipper torpedo I remember quite clearly, the time I was finally good enough to survive the game on Ace setting... hehehe, and how incredibly intimidated I was by the Sorthak the first time I flew against it, too. Wow, such a long time ago. The sad part is that I've regressed enough since I boxed up my mac that if I took it out I probably wouldn't last into Ariel without turning it down to Veteran. :D
Oh, lots of great moments. Too many to count... every time I remember one, it makes me remember another, and another, and another...

1) WC1 launch sequence. The scramble to the fighters is a classic, and even though most of us probably skipped it to get straight to the mission after a few plays, the memory of the scramble set the tone for countless hours - nay, days, weeks, months of combat sim excitement to come.

2) The realization that the manual wasn't kidding when it said that IFF missiles may lock onto friendly fighters if their comm systems are damaged. I forget which mission but I think it was somewhere in SM2 - tailing a Jalthi in a Raptor. I had just unloaded the whole gun capacitor into the Jalthi and was just waiting a second for the guns to come back online, when the Jalthi launched a missile... and finished itself off. The missile nosed straight up and into the Jalthi's exhaust ports. Of all the kills that have ever been stolen from me, that's the one that rankles most.

3) Death of a wingman, WC1. Bhurak Starkiller managed to shoot down Paladin while we were on an escort mission. That actually got me on an emotional level (hey, I was a kid) - and I went ballistic. I rammed one Salthi out of sheer aggression, just to kill it quickly, and unloaded so much mass driver fire into Bhurak that he never got the chance to start running. (If Bhurak gets the chance to start running, you better hope you hit his engines, because there's not much chance you can chase his Salthi down in a Scimitar)

and so on, and so on...
My fondest Wing Commander memory for many years was the Wing Commander 2 intro. I was 8 when the game came out, and to me, Bluehair's line "It's true, sir, the Kilrathi have invisible fighters!" was the coolest thing ever.
Punching Paladin's lights out...

Or the time when I was in a broadsword in the pick up the mission data caspule. All the little pesky light fighters where in a strait line...and with the three mass drivers...
It was too easy.
Oh, here's one more - one of my favorite escort missions in SM1. Your wing - flying Scimitars - is sent to retrieve and escort a Confed marine carrying intel back to the fleet. I forget exactly what the info was - but I think it had something to do with the location of a Fralthi. The marine is flying back to the fleet in a captured Dralthi. The cats, of course, are chasing him down and you have to defend him.

1) The cats send about a dozen Dralthi after him. Can result in much confusion during the dogfight.

2) You run into a Fralthi during the mission. Unclear whether it's the one that the marine supposedly has intel on (assuming I'm remembering the mission briefly correctly - it was a long time ago.)

I always wondered what the marine must have been thinking through the whole mission considering he might be out of his element. (No idea if fighter wings are a regular part of Confed marine forces the way it is with the USM.)

Marine: "Roger that, Maverick and Bossman, good to see you! Please don't shoot me by accident in the middle of this furball, ok? This ship's pretty flimsy and I'm outnumbered 5 to 1."

one nav point later ...

Maverick: "Bossman - Fralthi at 11 o' clock, fighter cover's light - we're only outnumbered 2 to 1. Let's just take her. Jarhead, hang tight for a bit, okay? This will only take a minute."
Making my first jump from Troy in Privateer ranks pretty high.

I have to agree that Torpedo runs, St. Helens saving Intrepid and the WC2 intro (The attack on Tiger's Claw) are on the list too.
1) WC1 launch sequence. The scramble to the fighters is a classic, and even though most of us probably skipped it to get straight to the mission after a few plays, the memory of the scramble set the tone for countless hours - nay, days, weeks, months of combat sim excitement to come.

Yes, that sequence was amazing!

I remember playing Privateer, when i finally arrived at New Detroit, and played the mission for Sandoval, i repeated the mission three or four times, because i thought i failed the mission, seeing that i didn't get any money :p

And WC3, was an incredible feeling when i played it for the first time, because i bought Kilrathi Saga a lot of years after the first release of WC3, i knew about the game and until that time i never had the chance to buy it.
First seeing the Raptor cockpit ranks pretty high for me. First playthrough only had me seeing the loosing path, and so I assumed I had seen all there was to see (pirated copy - so I didn't have a manual as well).
Mine wasnt in game but Coming to this website after a few years, actually joining it and downloading the awesome fan works like standoff and the sort.
Definitely when Cobra is lying on the flight deck bleeding profusely and tells you Hobbes did it. That was a defining moment!
Hobbe's betrayal

Man was I pissed about that. I tried finding a rationale for that, and made one up instead of that identity overlay bullshit.