More Map Progress

Great as always LOAF. Now we need to get EA to give s maps of each system, and the map will really be complete :)
Just stunning, LOAF. Good to see plenty of corrections too. But there are some trivial, cosmetic things:

Enigma Sector - Grills Quadrant
Speridon, now? What happened to Speradon?
Also, there's still some red on the borders. Also on the Vukar Tag sector map.

There's some writing left on the bottom of M'shrak sector.

Couldn't decide which quadrant Port Hedland is? :)
Sorry LOAF, more comments...

Guys, please don't trash this thread like you did with the last one. I want to know what's LOAF's solution to systems with differing names between games, and where he might put extra systems not already in the WCP map.

Sol Sector - Terra Quadrant
Off sector jump line to Proxima from Sirius is incomplete. I'd hate to make a jump which never makes it to the destination. :eek:

Epsilon Sector - Sa'Kahn Quadrant
Could there be a Border World system called Astoria? I think that was mentioned in WC4.

Epsilon Sector - Antares Quadrant
1. Is the Border World system called Bistanglo, or Bistango as in WC3?
2. Why Natanya in 2681 instead of N'Tanya as it was in 2667?
3. Could there be a Tau Ceti system in the Antares quadrant? I think it may have been mentioned in SM2.
Interesting that there are two Midgard systems, a Kilrathi controlled system in Epsilon sector and a Confederate system in Gemini.
4. I think it's also interesting that Corsair and Charon - two systems travelled through in SM2 - seem to head deeper into Kilrathi territory. I know the map doesn't reflect true positioning of the systems, but unless the Antares system was undiscovered until later (seems silly since the place was initally called Antares sector), it appears more difficult for the Tiger's Claw to escape via Corsair instead of Antares. Of course, Confed might have owned those systems at the time, since the Tiger's Claw cleared out the Kilrathi during Operation Thor's Hammer, but I doubt they could have held those systems - the Claw was behind enemy lines.

Kilrah Sector - Kur'u-Pak Quadrant
1. I think it should be Pak Ma'hran instead of Pak Ma'Hran.
2. Isn't it G'mar as it is in WCP instead of Gmar?
I think the map designer just ran out of Kilrathi sounding names, that's why the majority of the Kilrathi systems are unknown. :)

Kilrah Sector - Kur'u Caxki Quadrant
1. It's very blurry on the JPEG - is it K'n'Hhra or K'n'Khra?
2. I think it's Kher-za, not Kher-Za.
3. Why does the map skip out apostrophes? H'hrass looks more correct than Hhrass.
4. Where might the Tal'q Naval Station be? It's clear from the ICIS manual that it is not in Kilrah, since everything sent from Tal'q had to jump in-system. I'm sure it's the closest Confed station to Kilrah since it was the first to detect the initial Nephilim incursion, so it needs to be closer to Kilrah than H'hrass (relay station). Any ideas?

M'shrak Sector
It looks like Dath'qure quadrant on the JPEG to me, not Dath'que.

Trk'Pahn Sector - S'kh'haral Quadrant
Looks like K'n'Pakh not, K'n'pakh.

Vega Sector - Downing Quadrant
1. I think it's Hawkins system as in Claw Marks, not Hawking (there's already a Hawking system in the Hawking sector).
2. Where might Fiddler's Green and Midian be? (The systems mentioned along with Nifelheim in WC2)

Vega Sector - Roberts Quadrant
1. Why Chang-Cu and not Chengdu as in WC1?
2. I reckon the Anchorage and Jakarta systems should be included in this quadrant, judging from the map in Claw Marks.

Vukar Tag Sector - K'vt Tag Quadrant
Looks like T'K'H'hral, not T'K H'hral, to me.

Hooray, 529 systems now. (Excluding Armada sectors and Tri-system)
Thanks for e-mailing your last set of comments. I keep meaning to reply, but I've been busy with some medical problems recently.

The only changes I've made so far have been fixing the WC4 system names, and adding the extra jump line in Gemini.
(Johnny botched the WC4 names -- not sure why...). I've changed Calimachius, Speardon and Axis to their proper names (although I'm pretty sure Calimachius is a proper alternative spelling of the classical reference). I'm going to look at others on a case-by-case basis -- as far as I can tell, there's no reason for Cardell to be Gardel, since no specific relationship is defined for the Gardel system.

I definately welcome discussion on all this, though. I'll bring in a sliced up rolled map and a magnified to work and fix the various spelling errors (and the line sizes -- some of them are a pixel off).

Anchorage and Jakarta -- not sure why they got switched, but since the WCP map is an 'in-game' source dating to 2681, I suppose it means they're considered not part of the Vega Sector anymore.

Tal'q was, IIRC, one jump from Kilrah -- but it doesn't necessarily have to be the Tal'q system... it's just Tal'q naval base. There *are* some nearby Kilrah systems mentioned in End Run that need to be added.

Chang-Cu is different enough from Chengdu/Cheng Du in my opinion to warrant another system. When I do my additions to the Vega Sector, I'll put in a Cheng Du. This is also possibly true for N'Tanya/Natanya.

Things like Fiddler's Green and Midian (and Piper, mentioned in the losing tract equivalent of that conversation) will be added when I do the first major upgrade to the map -- as well as novel stuff (Warsaw, the Landreich Sector, etc, etc). I've got a whole list of stuff like this that needs to be put in (Charybdis jumps!).
More medical problems? Hope you're okay. Sounds like one of my friends - something is always going wrong. Torn ligaments, broken ribs/collarbones, collapsed lungs, stuff like that. :eek: And he's still walking and talking.

Anyway, glad you still plan to do more - the last set of pics were labelled "final", so I thought that was going to be it.

There seem to be so many systems which are spelt slightly differently, whether from capitalisation and/or apostrophes (or lack thereof) or just simple mix up. Where are you getting the "proper" names from?

So if Anchorage and Jakarta are no longer part of Vega, what happened? I don't see any Behemoths or Death Stars removing systems anywhere. :) Or could the jump lines have been closed?

I initially thought there was a Tal'q system, similar to Perry/Perry Naval Base, but of course, that doesn't necessarily have to be.

Is Warsaw a separate system? I'm a bit hazy, but I remember that name along with Gilead Prime in Victory Streak about the Kilrathi strike on Earth.

Oh no! Charybdis jumps! So many extra things to put in, I'm only thinking of the ones mentioned mid-conversation in game cutscenes! :eek:

Anyway, I worked on the map a bit today -- I cleaned up all the borders, so all the sectors fit together properly now (they're all equal). I also 'fattened' the Epsilon sector -- the Border Worlds systems in the upper left hand were pushed too far to the side and left an ugly blank space. All better now!
Good good. And in response to this:
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Do you think Fluffy would approve of Wulf? ;)
I don't know. It depends on how long Fluffy lives. And on what Fluffy looks like to Wulf.