I must be nuts.


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So, psych, what you are saying is that there is an universal, single and unique TRUTH?

That no two or more different opinions on a subject can coexist?

You are exagerating the opposing argument so to make it ridiculous and try to prove you point. It's shallow rethoric. It's lame. No one here never said anything close to:

"I'm not wrong, I just have different opinions in how the word inteprets to me! Respect my diversity in the name of tolerance!"

It is naïve to insist that broad meaning words like setting and background have strict senses that cannot be interpreted in any other way. Every freshman in the Social Communication college knows that the communication process necessarely involves the concepts and pre-concepts of both the emitter and the receptor. To insist that EVERYONE must understand the meaning of word in the precise same way is either naïve or arrogant.


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Bandit LOAF said:
That's dumb - how much fiction would you insist on including the 'AD' (or... CE... or whatever it is now) in? There certainly aren't any big "WING COMMANDER II ISN'T AFTER WING COMMANDER I BECAUSE IT DOESN'T SAY AD IN THE STARDATE!" discussions. It's a stupid, stupid double standard.

It's quite obvious that both Wing Commander and Wing Commander II use the same dating system. And we have a good number of sources that indicates that it follows our own. But it's reasonable to ask weather the Tri-System utilizes the same dating system.

By the data available, we have some possibilities, like: The Tri-System utilizes the same dating system of Confed; it utilizes a different dating system; or it's a different system that is "converted" to the Confed one so we can understand it. The same it way it's possible that they don't speak English on the Tri-System.

After all, the Tri-System is located on an "unfamiliar" (Trailler) and "isolated" (FAQ) sector of the Wing Commander Universe.


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The point is that, considering LOAF and the other CIC member's take on this thread, is that you are wrong in your argument.

That's right, you are not right, you are W-R-O-N-G.

And instead of accepting responsiblity, you try to weasel out of your guilt by just saying that you just had "different opinions". That's the "difference of opinion" get-out-of-jail card. It's what people evoke when they lose an argument and try to maintain what sort of personal dignity they have.

There are many examples, but here's a CIC Example last year:

1) A guy named New proposes an anime/starcraft/wc crossover fanfic.
2) I (and others) say it's crap.
3) He actually defended it, saying that he just had with different opinions and think differently. Pretty stupid reasoning eh?

Seems like you are doing the same theme...


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This might be nitpicking, but when used to mean the same thing, “Background” and “Setting” are synonyms. Just take a look at what dictionary.com has to say about “synonyms”.

A word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or other words in a language.
A word or an expression that serves as a figurative or symbolic substitute for another.

Bandit LOAF

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Groan. They are *NOT SYNONYMS* because they mean *DIFFERENT THINGS*. They are similar concepts, they are related concepts, but they are *NOT THE SAME*. I have explained the difference between them half a dozen times now... and no one has disputed it.


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Why is this (is it fair to say?) "argument" still going on? Are some people just too thick to admit that they're wrong? Or even just to stop pointless debate?
Jeez.. I bow to anyone who has the patiente to keep a discussion like this up for so long *g*
Since both side seem to make no progress in changing the other ones mind.. wouldn't it be better to just.. stop? *g*

Btw.. I don't take any sides here.. leave me out of it *g*
Anyone in for a drink? ;)