I do believe we are overdue....

Actually, good catch. So, LOAF, what would be the verdict? I actually didn't think of that at the time, was just going off what the Privateer system had and not of the period with regards to the ITTS system. If the consesus is solid that its out of place for the era and location, i've no problems with pulling them out, especially if it creates an inconsistency.
I'd make ITTS an extra option that has to be purchased separately for the top model of each brand of radar. It would cost a pretty penny (fifty grand?).
Death: I believe that the radar displays change based on which radar you have in Privateer. That's where I got the idea in the first place. I just checked, and it does indeed change based on which radar you have installed. Still - I understand your point. Should I perhaps make the changes less noticable than they are now?

There's three depending on whether you have an Iris, Hunter or B.S.


You could make the changes less noticeable.. but how often do people ever switch radars?

yeah.. they change.. the original radar you have is all black and white... and won't let you lock on a target.

The Iris Mk1 didn't let you lock on, but your Tarsus starts with a Mk2 that does let you lock.
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Okay, I'll go about making the radar changes more subtle. I'll also be sure to add that divider ring between front and back.
Also - I've been working on getting the Hydra up to the same stage as the other player ships. I like how it turned out.
I've also put up a video (MOV, Sorensen 3 format) of me rotating around the ship in a model viewer - to give a feel for how these things should look in game. These are the actual in-game art assets - just not being viewed with our engine. They should look approximately the same when all is said and done. Still - not our engine.
http://www.hedfiles.net/wcpioneer/Hydra3D.zip (41MB, Zipped MOV)


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Okay - I updated the Tarsus video above. there was a new version of Xnormal available - one that fixes many of the shader problems we had with the first one. Mirrored UVs and Normal maps now work properly (Whoot!) and texture compression and on-the-fly palletization are now possible. I know none of that means much to most of you, but it's pretty cool to me.
http://www.hedfiles.net/wcpioneer/Tarsus3D.mov (Sorensen 3 14MB)
http://www.hedfiles.net/wcpioneer/Phalanx3d.mov (Sorensen 3 17MB)
http://www.hedfiles.net/wcpioneer/Camel3d.mov (Sorensen 3 23MB)
And I've also updated the Radar displays. hopefully these are more along the lines everyone was thinking.


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Those new videos look great, and the radars certainly have a more unified feel to them. I know what most of those features are. Does this mean that Pioneer will support normal maps?
Well, I can of course only speak for myself, but I liked the previous radar displays better. The differences in the new displays are so subtle to the point that I don't even think I would notice them when upgrading my scanner. Also, I feel that all the faint "background" lines are too confusing. They just seem too busy for my taste.
Cool i played privateer really often - that pioneer art looks awsome.
That Tarsus even looks better than the pre rendered tarsus in the cut scenes of privateer. I like the details. Cool engines cool pipes. Only the Cockpit has a little few details compared to rest of the ship. I don't like the windows and it would be cool if the walls wouldnt be that flat for example on the nose are those 2 red lights and left and right of it are two squares would be cool if they wouldn't be same level as the hull.
Cool that the positioning lights are still on when its dark.
Keep up your good work i hope we'll see that tarsus fly some time.
Magnum: Yes, the engine does support normal maps. As of the current artwork, all ships have the following maps:
Ambient Occlusion (simulation of globabl illumination)
Diffuse (color)
Specular (shiney)
Normals (bump)
Now not all objects in the game have all these maps - for instance the radars and engine upgrades won't have glow maps because there isn't anything lit up on them. We also have support for alpha, paralax mapping, and sub-surface shaders to simulate skin and membranes.
ChrisK: Hmm. Well, I'll tune out the background lines a bit - but I definately like the overall effect they add to the displays. As for the changes being too subtle, I'm okay with that. Most people didn't observe the difference in the original Privateer, so I'd like to not beat them over the head with it in pioneer.
Freddy: Thanks! As for the level of detail around the cockpit area on the Tarsus, I'm unwilling at this point to add any more surface detail than I already have going. I feel like I'm modified the design quite enough on this one - perhaps a bit too much already. I'd really rather keep it as is, since it's the main link between Privateer and pioneer as far as the player is concerned.
Anyhow. Not sure of what I'm working on now - possibly some UI stuff for the nav maps.
cool displays! can't say I care for the lower row (the higher looks more inspired, despite being inferior tech). but overall, they look authentic and resemble their respective hardware. awesome. somehow you never make mistakes :)
These videos look very, very cool. Could you prepare one more "custom" video -- this time with Jalthi (if you got this shipmodel ready as the flyable ones)? :)
Any other requests?

a glimpse of your Dralthi, please :)

and if it's not too much trouble, I'd love to see a modular space station with several attachments (if you have the in-game version of it ready). it's a magnificent piece of work.
These models look indeed very well done...not to say excelent.
I also got a question. What program do you use to view the models? I see that you are using FRAPS for recording but that is XN?