How are you keeping your space combat craving satisfied?


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At the moment I'm playing Jedi Starfighter on the PS2, no Rogue Leader but definatley better than the original Starfighter from what I've played thus far. And now I've got a real craving to see Episode 2 despite Episode 1s averageness (well the trailers at the cinema help)

Before that it was Starfighter on the PS2 and Rogue Leader on the GCN and before that replaying Starlancer on the PC, how have you staved off the hunger during this lack of wing commander?


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By reinstalling WC4. Playing the Freespace B5 conversion and X-Wing Alliance.

WC4 gets played the most though:)

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I continue to explore the endless nuances of Wing Commander -- tracking down and playing all the myriad of console ports.


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I just have to ask Ghost... how does that stave off a space combat craving?

I really mean to replay old games I've just found myself with so many quality new ones since I got a couple of next gen consoles.... I'm thinking of picking up WC3 PSX tho :)


Easy i play anything-else non-sapce-sim related, if i must wait til Freelancer will be out or some new game, i will be dead.


When I needed a WC fix I usually just reinstalled WCIII and WCIV on my old computer, but unfortunately my joystick on that comp is toast, so until I get a new one, I usually play XWA or Tachyon: The Fringe, and I'll probably give WCP another go in a couple months.


I too am playing Jedi Starfighter on PS2. The game, IMHO, is scores more playable than Rogue Leader (Rogue Leader bored me... no, serious. All growel and no action ;) ). I'm a tad disappointed they didn't revamp the graphics engine, though.

I also like to go back and play all three of the Colony Wars games. I have a bad habbit of reinstalling my WC games too :D

WC3 is the one game in existance, though, that can always keep me entertained....


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Rogue Leader bored me... no, serious. All growel and no action
You REALLY never played Rogue Leader did you? I mean the battle of Endor no action? :rolleyes:

Well I guess everyone has their own tastes but I was playing Rogue Leader for 3 weeks non stop, couldn't put it down until I'd earned every single Ace medal (even endurance god help me) I think its because the engine was just so damn smooth and the controller helped a tonne, ofcourse playing the death star destruction etc kinda made someone who watched as a kid VERRRY happy.

Jedi starfighter is good but doesn't have that much ommph to it, the collision detection asside it feels like they concentrated too much on how to vary the missions and forgot what makes space combat fun! Hundreds and hundreds of INTELLIGENT (move damnit you damn Scarabs) fighters in a great engine and taking down the death star, well the last ones flexible :D

Thus far in Jedi Starfighter I've spent most of my time flying from target to target, either a stationary ground target, a turret or a freighter for all intents and purposes stationary, yes I'm enjoying it because I go out of my way too shoot down every fighter in sight but in Rogue Leader the majority of missions involved destroying waves of fighters even if it was coupled with destroying a shield generator here, missile tower there and AT-AT way yonder.

Perhaps the overall breathtaking graphics in Rogue Leader helped but only to futher connect the game with the film trilogy.

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Bah. Consoles suck. I've been spending my time playing C&C: Renegade, which in my mind would make a very good WC mod. Other than that, I play FreeSpace and WC1.


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