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Originally posted by Dekkar
Woah hold up a second there OriginalPhoenix, dragon made the game to easy? You thought wcIV was easy?
Actually, yes. *shrug* Once you got the Dragon, it becomes a cakewalk.


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Pretty much. Good thing they left it till near the end.

And an even better thing they nullified its advantages by WCP.


What setting were you playing? Nightmare is still ridiculous and on crazy there are only a couple of missions with it that are all that easy, one of which would have been almost as easy with a banshee.


Loaf, gotta disagree with you on everything but the Gothri and the Hriss. The Vaktoth is only awesome if youve got a great tailgun shot, the Sorhtak can be outmaneuvered with tactics, and the Devilray is IMO an ugly piece of ship that has a uselessly small gun pool. Excellent for one-one duels or gangbangs, but nasty when your trying to take down enemies quickly.

Id add the newmodel Dralthi on the grounds that even though it's weak armored and all that it's the Kilrathi equivalent to a lowrider, and think of what you could do with a set of 20's and another engine instead of the weaponry...
Then the Ka'ha'haf, the ultimate ambush fighter... "hey, I just rammed the 2669 equivalent of four dust cannon up your tailpipe and pulled the trigger! Oh yeah, im flying the rock behind you. No that one, the one to your... oh forget it!"
And to top it off, the Steltek Scout... two words for you: "yeah baby". AFAIK this beats out even the Dragon though I havent gotten far enough in Privateer to see it, and it looks badarse to top it off. Glowing green thingies...


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Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
Errr, that last post should read "Top 5 Fighters I Haven't Flown"...
Ah. I was wondering all the time why people include a fighter in their favourite list which they could not fly (regularly). And the Sorthak sure rocks in the CCG but I only own one. :(
But LOAF which Vaktoth do you mean? The Wc3 or WCP one? The WCP Vaktoth is good, no argument about that. But the Wc3 Vaktoth is just as inferior to every Terran fighter as the others are.


Top five birds :D

Well, since we're talking top five 'birds' heres my list:

5) The bartender chick from Privateer

4) Taryn Cross

3) Finley

2) Rachel

and finally the number one 'Hot Bird'....

drumroll please...

1) Melissa Black from P2!!! WHAT A HOTTIE! if only you could make some...er...decisions about positions....


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Ok, just this once... no, as a matter of fact, I do not think Melissa Banks is quite fine, or even good-looking. I would even go as far as to say she's ugly.

<Grins as a stunned silence fills the room>

But the Scimitar... now that, that is an awesome ship!

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Either Vaktoth (WC3 or WCP) is fine -- my list was of the best alien ships, and the Vaktoth is (IMO) better than any of the other 'regular' WC3 fighters...

Top 5 Women
5) Barbara Miles: She's like Kerri-Lee... *IN SPACE*.
4) Melissa Banks: Okay, so she requires a... certain light... to be particularly attractive. But isn't it sweet that Lev has a girlfriend?
3) Rachel: Rant about Ginger if you will, I thought she was very cute in WCIII.
2) Pleasure Planet Bartender: Much like the Ferret, she posseses a fine set of mass drivers (blame... Forstchen...).
1) Angel: SHE HAS NEAT RED HAIR... and a sexy French accent! Way sexier than Quarto!


Originally posted by Mekt-Hakkikt
I hated the mission in which you had to fight Bhurak "Starkiller" in a Scimitar (Wc1). Her guns were cool tha's true but she was too slow for my taste. And as she ws the only fighter to be retired during a game, I guess the programmers thought too that she was too bad. ;)

And I agree, the Dragon is the most super super-ship. Fast, maneuvrable, heavily armed and incrdible protection.
The Bearcat was close to her (incredibly fast, good armour and shields and good guns) but the positioning of the guns made her virtually useless.
When was it retired? Was that during the Secret Missions? I've never played them yet, as my package only had WC 1 Vega Campaign... Still I think it is not as bad as the Hornet...


Originally posted by Raptor

My top ten five, in order of preferance:

1) Excalibur: Good looking, smart, fast and responsive. Heck, if she was a girl I'd marry her. :D

2) Raptor: Sentimental favorite,becuase it was the first fighter in WC that really blew me away. (So much so that I've been using Raptor as my callsign for the last decade.)

3) Vampire: Fast, very heavily armed and well shielded. A brute of a fighter, but it suits my style of going all out at the enemy.

4) Thunderbolt: big fricking guns that anhiliate anything in the game, nice shields, and a torpedo for giving enemy capships a *really* bad day.

5) Vindicator: Can handle any job that its asked to do, from capship assault to ground attack to interception. Those three torps give it awesome punch against capships, and the tachyons and stormfires are good fighter killers.

Worst Five, in order from best to worst:

1) Shrike. Not enough of a bomber for WC:p (too few torps and no plasma gun) and not enough of a dogfighter either.

2) Hellcat: classic jack of all trades and master of none. No torps to take capships, not enough firepower to blast through fighters, and not enough speed and gaility to dance with them.

3) Crossbow: Doesn't have turrets like a Broadsword, doesn't have a ton of missiles like the Longbow, and doesn't have the agility or afterburners of the Sabre. A bomber trying to masquerade as a heavy fighter, and failing miserably.

4) Hornet: Weak guns, only a couple of missiles, thin shields and armour.

5) Epee: I'm *really* not surprised Angel pulled Blair from flying an attack mission on this one. The shields are paper thin, and the guns run out of power too fast.

Best, Raptor
Well apart from our different opinions about the Epee, that's surprisingly close to my list...

Anyway I'm surprised how many folks have answered my post:)


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Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
Top 5 Women
5) Barbara Miles: She's like Kerri-Lee... *IN SPACE*.
All together: :)




... :D


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Sonntag: Yes, it was retired in SM2. Iceman capers with joy when hearing about it. ;)
Hey mpanty, it rhymes even! :)

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