Game 005 Comment Thread


Game 005 is online, featuring Avacar, Humungus and QuailPilot in an FFA dogfight. Find the game here (click on "Setup" or any available game turn) and feel free to comment!

Happy hunting!
Avacar and Humungus have already turned in their orders. Would you guys mind if someone else hopped in the game during the first few turns? ;)
Turn 1 is online.
- Avacar accelerates to 4, turns 2 left
- Humungus decelerates to 2, banks 1 right
- QuailPilot accelerates to 4

You've noticed that I gave Humungus veteran status (+1), right? Just to make good for his Jalkehi's poor maneuverability... ;)
I propose nicknaming the Jalkehi "Cat Box" due to its Kilrathi origin and manueverability comparable to large asteroids.

Anyway, my box shall destroy you!
Turn 2 is online.
- Avacar maintains speed 4, turns 1 right
- Humungus accelerates to 3, turns 1 right
- QuailPilot maintains speed and course
- Panda joins the game

This should be fun! :p
I didn't give Panda veteran status, although his Broadsword is as unmaneuverable as Humungus' Jalkehi and even lacks afterburners - but his stronger shields (including slightly better recharge) and two more turrets should give him enough of an edge.
Sorry about the delay in the orders. I'll be more watchful.

They've been transmitted to command now.
Turn 3 is online.
- Avacar decelerates to 3, turns 2 right
- Humungus decelerates to 2
- Panda maintains speed 3, turns 1 left
- QuailPilot maintains speed and course

As long as we can keep a one turn per 1 or 2 days routine, I'm happy. ;)
Hmmm....Can I join in?

I'm not normally a Kilrathi kind of guy, but the odds are a little unfair for poor Humungus.

So a Jalkehi for me.

Btw, how do I summit my orders?

Don't worry, it's free for all. But there's always room for another! :-P

Submit orders to Ironduke's e-mail, just ask him.
If the others don't object, I'll add you, Iceblade. Also, thanks for your PM - I'll send you my email.

It's not Confed vs. Kilrathi, though - like Humungus said, it's a free for all. Personally, I feel sorry for that Broadsword, but you never know... There are dice involved, after all. :p

@ChrisReid: Sure! You gotta leave some room to breathe, after all... :D
Turn 4 is online.
- Avacar accelerates to 4, turns 1 left
- Humungus accelerates to 3, banks 1 left
- Panda maintains speed 3, turn 1 left
- QuailPilot decelerates to 3, turns 1 right

Iceblade is not yet in - I'm still waiting for the okay of Panda and QuailPilot.

Something to keep in mind for later: We'll do orders for gunfire and movement at the same time, since there's no need for an end phase here (due to lack of missiles). Which also means you can't wait to see if you destroyed your opponent when you're plotting your next maneuver.