Freespace series

I'm sorry to hear it gave you so much trouble! I never had any technical difficulties.

As for the campains:
1.) The Granddaddy of them all is probably Derelict. This is set shortly following FS2 in a backwater system that is reeling from the dramatic conclusion of FS2, and it is really quite well done. The mission scripting is complex and flawless. The plot involves political intrigue, suspense, horror, betrayal, desperation, and hope. It is definately worth your time.
2.) There are several smaller campains like Boomerang and such that provide different sorts of missions (escorting a convoy of roughly 20 cap ships, for instance). These are also worthwhile.
3.) Many of the individual missions and smaller campains are set as contemporary to events in FS and FS2 (much like Standoff is contemporary to Fleet action). Some delve into the war between the Terrans and the Vasudans before the FS time frame. Some venture into possibilities for times after FS2.
4.) Another biggie is Inferno. The Inferno build has various campains built for it, and all of them are highy quality (like Sol: A History).
5.) Besides the Babylon Project and WC Saga, one of my favorite up-and-coming events is the 158th Banshee Squandron project, whose story literally spans hundreds of years in 5 episodes.

So, I'd say try these out, and poke around for individual missions and other campains. Some are better than other, but many are very well done.
I've played Sol: A History and Derelict. Both fine campaigns. And I've never experienced trouble with FS2 on 98SE or XP.
I've played Sol: A History and Derelict. Both fine campaigns. And I've never experienced trouble with FS2 on 98SE or XP.

Is that an addon campaign/mod to Freespace 2?
Sphynx said:
LeHah, I'm sorry to hear it gave you so much trouble!

The way I hear it - the game was doing me a favor by failing to run.
Where do I get those mod campagins for Sol: A History and Derelict?
Which site would I need to go to?
Go to Hard Light Productions @ . For Sol: A History you will need to download the Inferno Core. Derelict has the older verison which runs fine on the commercial release verision of FS2, and a newer one which requires the (free) source code project, which you can download there. If you have any trouble, talk to the folks on the forums there. They'll talk you through it step by step, if needed.
I have been the babylon project game - the raider wars and I have to say it is quite good, but I need to know if anyone is playing it. How do you win the mission "The Waiting Game"
I am suppose to escort a Narn Transport Convoy but they launch bombs at a Centarui freighter thus losing the mission. I keep changin tactics, assiging my wingman to defend the centauri or the narn changeing weapons and still what ever I tried, I keep losing the centauri ship. Can anyone give me any suggestions
That one took me a long time to beat, as well. Here's how I did it:

Fall into escort formation with the Narn convoy. There is a moment of critical timing that you need to notice: there will be a moment when you can finally order your wingman to protect the Centauri freighter (during the conversation that is going on). Order them there as soon as possible! Also, as soon as the other wing is made available from the station, give them the same order. Then, and this is very important, focus on the bombs (press the B key to target them)! Don't waste your time shooting at the Frazis. You can order your wingmen to go after the fighters (send them a wing at a time against a single target), but you need to focus on the bombs yourself.

Even this tactic will take a while. When I passed it, the Centauri freighter's hull strength was at 1%! After that, just order all fighters to protect the G.O.D. sat, and you should be fine.

Also, if you try a mission and fail enough times (make sure to officially hyperspace out of the mission, and then retry from the failure screen), FS2 will give you the option to skip it. I think it's something like 5 total failures in a row. So, if that freighter dies, end the mission by pressing control h, and try again. One way or the other, you'll get past it.
I have been looking at some the campaigns which many people created and I have a silly questions.
I dont have a copy of Freespace 1 or 2, but I am able to play the babylon project becuase of the source code/stand alone...

is there any campagins which i can download which does not need FS1/2 to play with??
All of them, if I understand it correctly. Anything that will work on the retail version will work on the SCP. As long as you download a copy of the SCP, you can play everything. I think you even have access to FS2 itself that way. As soon as the forums at HLP are back up, you should be able to check it out. For the most part, you just have to download a campain and plug it in to the folder where you have the SCP (you may need to make sure you have all of the necessary models, but those can be downloaded from the SCP web site).
SCP? I feel such a f***wit but you are refering as Source Code something right??
So as long I download SCP I should be able to play pretty much any campaign that has been created? is the same one that I have downloaded in order to play the babylon project?

Oh in regards that narn convoy hint you gave me, it still drive me nuts. I was able to save the transport and it was down to 26% but I got hit by a damn missile shockwave by a damn centauir friggin missile!!?!? argh I was so close of finishing that mission...damn that was so annoying.....oh well patience is a virtue which needs to be imbedded into every soul.....or not.....
Oops, I was speaking in achronymn! Yes, SCP is the Source Code Project. However, I'm no expert. The best thing that WC Saga has going for them is that I'm not one of their programmers! I think you can run missions on your Babylon build. You would just need to import ship models (from the SCP page), missions, and voices. Don't quote me on that one, though. I think the SCP launcher has a mod manager so you can choose between mods you want to run. However, as soon as the forums at Hard Light Productions are back up, you can ask the guys who actually know what they are talking about!

So sorry to hear about that shockwave! Keep trying, and let us know how it goes! By the way, in that Centauri battle, just protect the G.O.D. sat and then GET OUT OF THE WAY when it comes on line. If you command your wingmates, you can pretty much just sit back and orchestrate the last battle without participating in it.
Thanks for the tips I will let you know how it goes, I never been so annoyed at a flight sim for so long. Otherwise the game is pretty good
Actually... about The Waiting game. Order your Wingmen to form on you. Form up on the Narn ship and play escort until their indicator turns red (Hostile). Destroy one of the two large Narn ships and they surrender. Immediately set your Wingmen to engage enemies (C, 3, 9). Sit back and blow up any hostile fighters you encounter. Have fun.
That sounds like an excellent suggestion. I'd still recommend having your wingmen attack the Narn freighter while you interdict any bombs, though. Great idea!

Just be warned, the next mission is also very challenging.
I finally got past that freaking mission with the Centarui freighter, Narn freighter and those friggin bombs. I got my wing to form up on me and escort the narn ships that transported in. I decided to take on that suggestion of taking out one of the transports quickly using anti-capital ship guns and lob a few missiles up the rear end and it worked.

Now at the moment Im at teh mission where I have to protect these pods which left a starliner because a bomb was found and a crew try to disarm it but failed because the ship exploded. Then a whole contingent of Raiders comes and tries to destroy them. They were too many of them. Is there an easier way or should I target a specific raider group to ensure the maximum survival of the pods??