Flyable ships?

I always thought the wonderfull thing about FOSS is the lack of democracy. Dont like the way things are done fork the project. Spiritplumber is currently our defacto leader. If you want to do things your way fork the project, if we like the way you do things better than the way Spirit dose things we will follow your lead. The best leaders are not those chosen to lead, ask to lead, voted to lead, but those who just lead and let other worry if they are going to follow or not (<--personal opinoin).

Do you want a shot at it LOAF? How about organising that IRC chat, it would be nice to have a draft of the design document to discuss at the meeting also.
agreed with... i'm fine with keeping things going the best i can ^^; hope i'm doing a decent job so far... i don't want to hog the spotlight or anything... i just think that michelle, being uninvolved in the community, will be out of politics and right now that's a good thing... a coordinator here is only supposed to be the kitty who says "play nice " to the people who do the actual work. it's a lot of trouble and not that much power.
I'm not sure what you mean by politics -- this isn't the congress... running a Wing Commander fan project should involve some familiarity with Wing Commander.
i'm working on a draft, pretty much stopping all my other things until its done, shouldn't take to terrbily long. god knows it's been discussed enough.
Considering this parallels my own tabletop RPG of the WCU somewhat closely, I've offered to compare notes along the way, and help out with the overall design aspect of the project.
Allright -- we should decide on an amicable time for a design conference... and then we'll promote it at the front page to get as many people as possible. Origin held a similar session for Privateer 3 some years back, and it generated both interest and useful commentary.

So, what's good with you all? Is some time this weekend fine with viewers of this thread? I'm happy to adjust my schedule to allow people on other continents to show up...
I'm on the US East Coast, at...Er, I forget what New York's offset from UTC is.

Anyhow, yeah. I've class most days of the week taking up my time, and classes in evening from Mon-Wed, but...Er...I dunno.

Edit: Pardon me while I wipe the drool from the board...Can ya tell I've been awake for a day with no sleep?
I have a final Wednesday night and won't be around much till after that... other than that ... well i'm available and you can email me anytime :)