Flyable ships?

My take on it -- these are the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM flyable ships including one-off specialty items:

Demon after joining merc guild (nerfed a bit), also usable as escort
Talon after Tayla's missions, also usable as escort
Drayman after joining merchant guild ($$$!!!)
Banshee after you do some mission for some border worlds person
Stiletto after Priv plot
Broadsword after Priv plot
Strakha if you can find it somewhere ;) also usable as escort (worthless? lol)
"Battletoad" Salthi also usable as escort, after RF plot
Arrow also usable as escort, after RF plot
AWACS Tarsus (with turrets) after AWACS plot
Militia Light Corvette after militia plot
Gunship Orion after corporate plot

Some "big" (corvette sized) capship that should be your reward after a lot of missions -- example:

- fly missions for shipyard owner, payment is renting
a dry dock to build/refit capship
- fly slave runs and free slaves on arrival to get construction wrkers and crew
- fly cargo runs to get parts
- choose a design, then pay a lot of money to get it

thoughts for capships:

* Scarab II
* (somewhat nerfed) Delphinus
* refurbished Ralari with different color scheme so you don't get shot at by confed
* souped up caernaven frigate
* wc3-style modular transport

a reward for a plot should be to get your own base somewhere (free repairs, some free products, etc.)


ideas? Thoughts:
Maybe Scimitars too, since they were decomissioned by Confed? Heh. Even tho they turn like a Centurian mud pig, I like that extra durasteel plating.
Two light gun mounts and three missiles? be my guest ^^; i don't think it's very playable, but you have a point that it should be available.
If I were designing a Wing Commander Universe game, I would make the following ships available for general purchase to Privateers:

Centurion class Bounty Hunter Heavy Fighter
Demon class Bounty Hunter Light Fighter
Drayman class Merchant Ship
Errant class Merchantman
Free Trader class Transport
Galaxy class Merchant Ship
Orion class Mercenary Gunship
Talon class Light Fighter
Tarsus class Merchant Scout

I would also make the following ships available to pirates (through pirate bases or storylines):

Arrow V class Light Fighter
Dralthi II class Medium Fighter
F-54 Epee class Medium Fighter
Gladius class Heavy Fighter
Razor class Light Fighter
F-57 Sabre class Heavy Fighter
HF-66 Thunderbolt VII class Heavy Fighter
Wraith class Medium Fighter
Speaking of which, I had a comment about your thoughts on the mass driver cannons. I do not think they and the stormfires are the same sort of technology. Stormfires seem like they operate on the same principles our current firearms do. The mass drivers seem to operate like a rail gun, or a coil gun. With this in mind, there may be a set amount of ammunition, but it would still be a gihugic amount, because the particles used are pretty small.

Also, hey, is this a wish list? Anyway, what about some of the ships the Border World forces use in WC4? Some of those are pretty ancient technological-wise at that time. I know this would not be a 'any time soon' sort of thing, since they would have to be modeled and textured, and all of that, but a 'someday'.

Oh yea! Free Traders! Forgot about those. The BW ships I was thinking were maybe the Avenger and the Banshee. They might still be too new tho, so I dunno.

*goes back to plotting his theft of a shipment of Excaliburs*

Right now the BW's use (WC4) Banshees, Phantoms, and Vindicators. The Avenger is too similar to a Vindicator to make a lot of difference in play...
What about cat ships? If this is the WCU, players should be able to turn renegade and work for the kilrathi. I would do it just for a Gothri.
"Rapier II" refers to any model of the fighter which appears in Wing Commander I & II -- from the YF-44A to the F-44G.
The Fighter list ist not bad, i would perhaps put into the Dralthi and the Gothri, and then only buyable if you are the best freind in the Universe of the faction who owns the Fighter (BW/Confed/Kilrathi).
For the Idea with the Cap-Ship:
to became a Cap-SHip is the Idea not bad. 3 Shipyards, one Confed, one civilian, one Kilrathi. And there you can order a capship, and then you must bring spare items and slaves and and and.... :)
For the list, take out the Frigate and put the Sheffield-Destroyer in, the Paradigma perhaps. The drayman is a capship, you can land on it. Or you can only repair your ship on the drayman (some mechanic that as some time).

It's sound really good the list. ;)

c ya, Grusim
Regarding the Arrow...

The only other WC game I've played besides the original Privateer is Armada, which is where my familiarity with it comes from.

You put it as coming in after the RF plot...but my impression of it is that its an ultra-light confed fighter. Would a light fighter really be that useful, that late in the game?

Seems to me it would be more fair to the Arrow to let players get it earlier in the game, and then ditch it for heavier fighters when the number and strength of their enemies becomes greater.
I would see it as a bonus. It's more a collect all ships and put it into your carrier, your garage, and challenge yourself. An Arrow maxed out against a Kamekh? ;)

C ya, grusim
Well, the Arrow is a VERY compact design, so if you fly -- say -- a Drayman, you can fit a couple in your cargo hold to launch for protection, and still have enough cargo space left to do stuff.
Lazy Panda said:
No, but there are people who value fun and innovative ideas over hardcore canon.

Neat, where are these ideas? Everything we've seen so far has been people whining about how they want more of {x} cheap ability.
If anything, it's the reverse: it's making a unique situation (being a true long haul merchant) back into the ordinary style of gameplay.