Favorite fighter.

The Devastator is not really a fighter. It's either a bomber, of the combination of all constructicons.

hmmm...lemme think

OK Here goes.

WC1 - Raptor

WC2 - Morningstar

WC3 - Excalibur

WC4 - Banshee

Prophecy - I cant remeber

Privateer - Centurion

Overall? It has to be the Centurion. Duh! I'm a Privateer nut!
why not make a quick switch over to our favorite (or least favorite) fighter to fly against?

wc1 - Hhriss/Gratha Both of these heavy fighters could always dampen my day
wc2 - Jalkehi Flying death especially in pairs and packs...
wc3 - Vaktoth want to say sorthak but they didn't appear enough in game to give a good impression
wc4 - what else but the hellcat...does anybody know exactly how many of these we get to shoot down during wc4?
wcp/so - Devil Ray Aces can always ruin a good day...
Priv/RF - Talons...these damn things were everywhere!
Armada - Shok'lar damn little cloaking SOBs...
Priv2 - Blade...
I liked fighting Jalkehis - big, slow, and easy to hit. Just stay away from the front end. It was Gothris that gave me trouble.
I would have to say that I hate flying aainst Vaktoths! Shit man even though they are huge I always miss those things. Everything else in WC is just fine to blow up but those damned Vaktoths!
Vaktoth's really did suck some times...especially if you encountered a few in an arrow...it takes a lot of hits from those guns to bring one of those bastards down...even with the excal it takes a few solid direct hits to take them down (although you can down darkets with one solid shot if all the beams make contact)
Why were Vaktoths such bitches in WC3, but they were no problem at all in the WCP simulator - even in a Piranha.
Or because they're 12 year old beatup patchworks, as compared with brand new, squeaky clean Confed fighters
SabreAce said:
Or because they're 12 year old beatup patchworks, as compared with brand new, squeaky clean Confed fighters

Maybe the cats you kill with Hawk are flying patchwork fighters, but the Vaktoths in the Midway's combat simulator should represent ships just off of the assembly line that still have a fresh catnip scent.
Look at all you have put. hmm. The wasp does have its advantage. There is nothing quite like holding the trigger down and firing quickly. For the same reason I love the scimitar from Unknown Enemy. The best though was the Raptor. Always will be. Not too slow, not too jerky. Steady with some big guns. Lots of medals to be won flying a raptor. Besides, none of the WC games ever stood up to WC1. I remember when I first got the secret missions, was christmas, miracle on 39th street was on.......................