Favorite fighter.


Ok, hotshots, I have to ask this. It is said a millitary man is best determined by the type of ship he flies or the type of gun he prefers. So what ship DO you prefer? Me...... I'm a fan of the "black" Wasp in Secret Ops. Love those Multi-Fire Rockets!
As much as I had to admid: It's the Excalibur. I just loved the Design it it handled very good in combat.

But it's closely followed by the Arrow, with I really loved during endless hours of WC3... :)
Two choices for me:

1. Centurion (classics never die)
2. Black Lance Dragon (matter/anti-matter reactor)


Hellcat V (good overall multi purpose fighter)
Arrow (small, fast and extremely agile)
Thunderbolt (good firepower)
Vampire (excellent roll and pitch)
I seemed to really like the Vampire,
and I always liked that fusion cannon from Privateer,
With that I could annihalate most things in my path with little worries! :D
Wc1: Raptor

Wc2: Morningstar

Wc3: Excalibur

Wc4: Hellcat or Black Lance Dragon

Prophecy: Pirahna (I love the gun) and the Vampire

Privateer: Something kinda nostalgic about the Tarsus...
for some reason i really like the banshee from WC4, don't know why, i also like the excalibur and dragon, but they are all beneath the banshee.
How about the Crappiest WC fighter of all time? That one has to go to the Scimitar (If you don't count the cropduster "Rapier" from the movie).
My favorite fighter is Johnny Cage.

Whoops, misread that...

In all reality, I haven't had all that much experience with the Wing Commander series, but I like the Pirahna.
Excalibur. Yes it was insanely powerful, but it was more the cosmetics of it I loved the best. Pity we can't have something like that in today's world! 8)