Dragon*Con 2002

thanks for the pics. they where pritty good you belottle you ability with a camara
now i will go to baycon i was planing to go but the pics made my mind up i will go :D
Yeah, MARTA's pretty damn hardcore. I hopped it at 5:30 am without a clue as to where I was headed. By the time I got off I was thankful to be at the mercy of the scary homeless bums of downtown Atlanta.
I got all my pictures back too.. lots of them are dark, but I still got dozens of awesome shots.
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Gee, and all I did this summer was work on a photo portfolio, that within two years will make me a shoe-in at any newspaper in the western world. :rolleyes:

What an odd thing to say.
For the record

It was only 7 hours, dammit. :p

Short summary: except for the "Moses in the desert" impression, I had a blast. Spent obscene amounts of cash (at least as far as someone who, until a few months prior, had gone a year without any source of income) on sh*t, watched all the freaks, attended various panels, and took some pictures.

The last item will be online Soon™, when I fix my scanner situation. I'll have a more detailed write-up later.
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I almost didn't notice Grand Admiral Thrawn next to Darth Vader. And there were Jedi too! :)

I loved the Column of stormtroopers.

We all need to go next year and make a column of KILRATHI!!!!

That would be fun!
Actually, the plan is to go as a group of Confederation pilots in either flight suits or regular uniforms. There may be one or two Kilrathi amongst us, though.
If I could just find a old flight suit like the WC3 ones, I'd so be there.
There was a strange little clothing store at my local mall that was selling those suits for $40 a pop. I think they were a bit big for me though...

Didn't they just use regular old flight suits in the WC3/4 cinemas?
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If you guys were really adventurous, I'm sure dress uniforms would stand out really nicely.

In a room full of Stormtroopers, Final Fantasy Marines and women wearing only pieces of tape nothing really *stands out*. :)
I figured. I saw some pics taken from a friend At Dragon*Con; it renewed my fear of RPG cosplay fans.
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In a room full of Stormtroopers, Final Fantasy Marines and women wearing only pieces of tape nothing really *stands out*.
Well, I was thinking if someone had a lot of time, expertise, and money to do it 'right'. Y'know, like the uniform Blair wore while being chucked into ISS by Tolwyn, and while he was talking to Jazz after he captured him. Hmm, you'd probably need to walk like an officer too... eh, probably best to go for the casual flight suit.