Dragon*Con 2002


We have returned! Actually, I'm the first one back, so it's my job to start getting everyone excited for next year's Dragon*Con. Therefore, here's a story from this year's Dragon*Con!

Well, the highlight of the trip for me was Sunday night. Everyone (Joe, Paula, Hades, Death, LOAF, Chris, Tye, Erin, and myself) had gathered in our hotel room to destroy a bunch of Wing Commander clones. We had Freespace, Independence War, Star Crusader, and Tachyon. Independence War was our first victim.

Hades filled up the room's bathtub with hot water while the rest of us planned the fate of the other games. Once it was ready, the box, manual, and all the CDs went for a swim. We had to give them a little encouragement, but everything eventually sunk. This wasn't enough for Hades, apparently. Before we knew what had happened, he was in the tub with the game, stomping it to bits. Chris should be able to provide some excellent pictures of this once he returns. For now, just envision one of those Italian women who stomp on grapes to make wine. Replace the woman with Hades (which shouldn't be too hard) and the grapes with Independence War and you should have a pretty good mental image of what went down.

Anyway, we left Independence War to soak for a bit while we got Tachyon ready for its sacrifice. Tye was kind enough to provide us with a nasty little pocketknife that was more than enough to reduce the box and everything inside to shreds. Tye, LOAF, and Chris all took turns viscously stabbing at the game. The Kodak moment here was of Chris, smiling like he always does, holding the knife up with a chunk of a Tachyon CD hanging from it.

After we had made sure that the game was dead, we moved on to Star Crusader. Erin and Hades had been preparing a pot of coffee while everyone else was mauling Tachyon. We emptied the box and stuffed all the contents into the sink. Then I gave it the coffee. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be quite hot enough, so instead of melting the game, we decided to desecrate it. Chris, Hades, and I added soap, conditioner, and just about every other liquid substance we could find to our brew. The end result was very, very messy and smelled quite bad. By now, the bathroom was getting a little cramped, so it was finally time for the grand finale!

The copy of Freespace that we had was still sealed in its original packaging. That didn't last long. We wanted to prolong its pain, however, so we worked slowly. Joe started things off by burning a bit of the box with a cigarette. After that, LOAF, Hades, Tye, Chris, and I all took turns stabbing the front of the box with a pen. Somewhere in the middle of this, Joe rushed in and tried to save the still-partially-sealed Freespace. We quickly beat him back and continued with the destruction. Hades smashed it in the door, I jumped off the bed onto it, and LOAF stomped on it for a while. (By the way, they make those hotel ceilings a little too low for comfort.) Amazingly, one of the CDs survived this brutal thrashing. It didn't last long, though, as LOAF quickly grabbed it and tossed it off of our seven-story balcony and into the hotel pool below.

After we had taken a breather, we started cleaning up. Most of the manuals or CDs that were still in one piece were given to Hades, who made short work of them. You wouldn't believe how bloodthirsty that little Englishman gets when you put a piece of crappy software in front of him. The final whole CD, however, was given to Tye to do with as he pleased. You can view its fate here.

Anyway, that's my story of Sunday night. As the others show up, they'll be adding their own stories along with lots and lots of pictures. It'll take a while for Chris and I to get our pictures scanned (if they even turned out), but Joe and LOAF should be able to upload theirs fairly quickly. However, for those of you who can't wait, here are a few bad pictures of some of my souvenirs from the trip. Enjoy.
Ha, ha, ha! That story was so funny, boy, you guys are sadists! :) Not that I've played any of those WC 'clones', but I did like the end result. :D

Just one thing... you actually bought the games just to do this?

That's one of the craziest, funniest, most insane things I've seen in a long time (and if u knew me... u'd know that's really saying something).

Computer Game - $50
Lighter - $5
Hammer - $10
Pieces of a burnt WC wannabe - Priceless
You're right, Chris never stops smiling (and that's not necessarily a bad thing!). :)

[WC clone trashing starts at MVC-647F.JPG - I think this would have been a rather nice soup. I dare you to drink it! :)]
Hey, I'm back now too! The whole thing was freakin awesome. Weasel forgot to mention that earlier a few other discs had survived. Hades smashed one with a chair, Tye hid one in a ceiling tile and I smashed one with a lamp. The non-WC game desecration was just one of many great things that happened at DragonCon this year. All you have to do is save $2 a day and next year you can come too! Preorder your tickets and it's even cheaper. I took a couple hundred photographs over the five day span and hope to get them back real soon. I also wrote 20 pages of notes detailing all our funny experiences. I'll save those for picture captions.
There were a few great moments that I'd like to share now. Death getting lost for 9 hours while moving his car 2 blocks was great. I loved the parade as well. There's nothing like seeing dozen after dozen after dozen of Storm Troopers march through downtown Atlanta. Next year we'd like to march in the parade in Wing Commander costumes too. There were tons of really awesome costumes that we didn't get to photograph (and some only I photographed). It was a great gathering. Hopefully more people can join us for 2003. Hades, LOAF and I already paid for our 2003 convention memberships. The sooner you do it, the cheaper it is. Any questions?
Hey guys,
Yeah, D*C was pretty darned awesome... still surprised I hit the pool with Freespace -- it was kind of far away.

There was lots of great stuff... we met Don Perrin, who designed the WC:CCG. He said he was working on a WW2 carrier-based stand alone card game and was thinking of doing a WC game based on the same idea!
Yay for Don Perrin! (I hope you remembered to get a way to contact him LOAF...)
Originally posted by LeHah
Yay for Don Perrin! (I hope you remembered to get a way to contact him LOAF...)

I already had a way to contact him!

I asked him about my Mark Hamill shirt, too. He was pretty surprised it'd been on eBay -- Mag Force 7 had used it as their company shirt for a while. He confirmed that there was only one design (Hell's Archers, TCS Ark Royal)...
Gee, and all I did this summer was work on a photo portfolio, that within two years will make me a shoe-in at any newspaper in the western world. :rolleyes:
Originally posted by Ender
Gee, and all I did this summer was work on a photo portfolio, that within two years will make me a shoe-in at any newspaper in the western world. :rolleyes:

All I did was prank call Ridley Scott. Again.
As predicted, my crappy camera took crappy pictures. In fact, one of my two rolls of film didn't even come out. However, bad pictures are better than no pictures, so I've uploaded the remainder of my images from the convention. They can be found here, with the others.
i just looked at the pics... nothing personal but if i saw a bunch of storm troopers walking down the street, i think i would be laughing my butt off... i know it;s a sci-fi convention but it's just funny to me... i hope you guys had a great time...
Actually, I found it amazingly cool how, for the duration of the convention, nobody seemed to give a second thought to seeing a Stormtrooper or a Klingon walk past them on the street.
Walking around downtown they didn't seem to mind but I dare you to ride the MARTA in costume. I mean unless you were a real klingon with some serious daggers I wouldn't dare ride the MARTA in full costume. I rode the MARTA at 1am, it isn't peachy down there. How did you like the Peachtree street station? Worlds longest escalator down into that dungeon which is really fucking scary after midnight. Thank god I had my Backpack which gave me +5 Dex and +3 STR
I want to give the guy dressed as Grand Admiral Thrawn a &$%*ing award.