Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

@gevatter Lars yeah, the movie designs have way more in common with Free/Star Lancer than Wing Commander. Ye olde Digital Anvil and all. The WCM broadsword is almost a carbon copy of the StarLancer Hades bomber. That said, I don't hate too much on the WCM Kilrathi ships, they look alien enough - certainly they are better than the Rapier .

I jokingly thought it would be funny to render WCM assets as sprites for wc1. But there aren't enough fighters.


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Well with Howie having just launched a commercial title that's not too surprising, I am sure Wing Leader will be back soon kicking ass at a pace we can't match.
Yeah, of course. My comment was just that there's no need to hold back and give "breathing space" to a project that hasn't posted an update in two months. :)

We are trucking along; there is just a *huge* amount of boring groundwork to lay.
Boring is relative. Troubleshooting arcane technical glitches might not be the most interesting news, but it could be more engaging than the alternative available to us on any given day. And regardless of the specific content of any update, there's value in a steady stream of news so people know there's still stuff going on (which ties back to the prior point, which is why we post news every single day... sometimes big, sometimes small).


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Anyway I chose to tackle a ship in the category of "Things that get little to no love" in the Wing Commander Universe: The WCM Snakeir. After knocking around on this one for about a week I've come to appreciate it a bit more. The movie FX shots are so dark that you can't really get a good appreciation for the ship's aesthetic. It's still not my favorite, but I think it gets a bum wrap by-in-large. Anyway that's my thoughts on it, you're free to comment below if you feel otherwise. :)
Pretty neat. Apart from just re-creating the WCM Snakeir, there's two interesting angles you could take with this ship. One, would be to modify it in such a way that it looks more appropriate to WC1. The other would be to modify it instead to fit the angular aesthetics of WC3. Both would be really cool to see, I think.

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WC3 also had a lot of asymetry in the Kilrathi designs. I think it could be a bit hard to work that in. WC 1+2 should be more fitting I think.