Defiance's Eyecandy Thread


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A few more animated ships for the collection - First up is the Kilrathi Omni-ship. Regardless of the role it's playing, I think it's one of the cooler Kilrathi designs. I had to arbitrarily derive a scale for it since the source material is all over the place on it, so I estimate it's slightly larger than an Exeter for a small destroyer/carrier hybrid - at least that's what I scaled the windows to (assuming an average Kilrathi is around 8 feet)


Ok I got lazy and retextured my old Dralthi model. It's probably the most different from the WCA source, but it is still line-art accurate from Claw Marks so there's that. Besides I think it looked cooler.


Last but not least it's everybody's favorite WC2 fighter (yes the one you wish you had on all those Crossbow missions), the WCA take on the F-57 Saber.


as always wingnuts feel free to comment :)


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The more I play around with it, the more I realize that Academy is kind of an unappreciated field of endeavor. Today's entry into the catalog of "Defiance really needs a life outside of conference calls and Blender" is the WCA Fralthi. It only shows up in one episode and gets mis-categorized as a destroyer but it was fun to do nonetheless. It looks like the artists got ahold of Claw Marks and either by accident or design, omitted all the negative space in the original and we ended up with this oddly nautical version which in many ways resembles the Academy 'Claw - though without the random cat-paw extrusions on the sides. It's not ugly in my view - just well like everything else WCA - different.



Comments and Criticism is always welcome.


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Another WCA ship for your amusement. The Achilles destroyer/transport/fighter carrier (CVE maybe?). It looks like a Durango and a Wake had a naughty, naughty evening; the kind where they both had a bit too much Vak'qu and in the morning the Wake quietly slipped out the back without leaving so much as a piece of dry toast for the poor Durango - and this happened a few months later. Since the carrier is kind of a different bird (but the artists just added another rectangle to the bottom) I kind of figured that the carrier configuration is a pre-fab pod of some kind, something that can be attached or detached from the destroyer with an appropriately supplied shipyard and a week or two.

Anyway enjoy - I was playing a bit with the shaders as well to add a bit more definition to the edges. I



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This one was alot of fun. I was working with NinjaLA on a fictional WCA-ized Hornet might look like. The excellent concept art he cooked up is attached along with model renders I did. It was a fun experiment and I like the results.



WCAGreenHornet3.pngWCAGreenHornet4.pngWCAGreenHornet2.pngWCAGreenHornet1.png WCARedHornet3.pngWCARedHornet4.pngWCARedHornet2.png