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Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I switched with Mirror Universe LOAF, so I've got a goatee now.

I'm trying to figure our how to get the script online -- I'm looking into maybe getting some sort of feeder scanner. I'll be happy to xerox a bunch of copies for whoever shows up at Dragon*Con, though (or anybody who shows up at Stately Lesnick Manor in Merry-land).


Manic said:
Anyway... Malcom McDowell is my favorite actor of all time. No one manages to pull off arrogant humor quite like him! (shaddap, WildWeasel)
You have a crush on Weasel,right?
It seems that you can´t stop talking about him everywere.


Lord_Nathrakh said:
yeah mabey, but then logic isnt a big part in hollywood.

and paladin towlyen and urry have had big movies befor must mean there washed up now, things happen to those who are good
John Rhys-Davies isn't washed up, he's in Lord of the Rings.


a full fledged GF
Lord_Nathrakh said:
then again i didnt see what the hype for the lord of the rings was about,
The hype was about the fact that a high-dollar film was being made of one of the most popular and well-respected literary works of fiction ever printed.
it wasnt that good... the books were better.....
By any reasonable scale of measurement, the movie actually was in fact, "that good." Stating that the books were better really says very little, since they were excellent, and less than excellent is still really good.

Also - I actually enjoyed viewing the films more than I enjoyed reading the books. No, this was not as a result of any mental deficiency I may have which causes me to enjoy motion pictures more than books by default.

I very much look forward to the third film. </threadjack>