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Vampire Ace
She also played an Hooker on NYPD Blue

Chris "Hawk" Mulkey played Shriek in the Batman Beyond epsiode of the same name.

Peter 'Wilford' Jason played Coach Greegen in the Batman Beyond episode The Winning Edge

Thomas 'Manaic' Wilson played "Anthony "Tony" Zucco in the Batman: The Animated Series episodes Robin's Reckoning: Part 1 and 2

Malcolm 'Tolwyn' McDowell played John Corben/Metallo in the Superman (1996) episode The Way of All Flesh

John 'Paladin' Rhys-Davies played Baron Waclaw Jozek in the Batman: The Animated Series episode The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy

Tim 'Melek' Curry played Mutro Botho in the Batman Beyond episode Final Cut

So quite a few WC People have appeared in DC Comic Cartoons
well i didnt know that tim currey was melek, call me stupid........or dont.........yeah dont.....

i also didnt know that manyh Wing co actors played so many animated voices, especially malcome Mcdowel or John Ryhs Davis there both pretty slick actors and have been in some pretty top movies/series.

Tom wilson made his hollywood debut in back to the futer as biff, thats also where is stopped


I could see thow some of them doing animated voices as a start. Sense the three Nathrakh listed where the only ones I've seen in other media presatations.
actually thats a good point......... but then again most of the others are just b grade actors anyway... i dont see many ppl making a big living off comic voices though


Lord_Nathrakh said:
yeah but can u name 2 ppl who made a start from voice acting?

No because I dont really see anything where they use voice acting anymore sense I was little and watched cartoons on saturday mornings. :cool:

It was just a guess anyway it seemed longical to me personally.
yeah mabey, but then logic isnt a big part in hollywood.

and paladin towlyen and urry have had big movies befor must mean there washed up now, things happen to those who are good


If you ever watched the show Sliders John Rhys-Davies (Paladin) I thought did a awsome job in it. Then he dies and eventually they change most of the cast (Witch made me mad because they took a good show and runed it bigtime bring its cancling).

I've seen Malcom in diffrent things. He did a really good job in Star Trek Generations. I think thats the latest thing ive seen him in but I could be mistaken and forgot.

And Wilson the last thing I saw him in was WC3/4/P I belive.


Vampire Ace
Wilson was Crewman Rick Biessman in Star Trek Elite Force

David "Movie Tolwyn" played "Ra's Al Ghul" in the Batman: The Animated Series episodes Off Balance, The Demons Quest Parts 1 and 2, Avatar, Showdown and in the Batman: Beyond episode Out of the Past.

He also played Herbert Landon in the Spider-Man (90's) episodes Neogenic Nightmare, The: Part 4: Mutant Agenda, Neogenic Nightmare: Part 5: Mutants' Revenge, Sins of the Fathers: Part 8: The Ultimate Slayer, Sins of the Fathers: Part 12: The Spot, Sins of the Fathers: Part 13: Goblin Wars, Partners in Danger: Part 2: The Cat, Partners in Danger: Part 3: The Black Cat, Partners in Danger: Part 6: Awakenings and Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 1
Mc Dowelle was also was also in that movie with eddy merphy and luke wilson in that movie......... um cant remember but he plays an arms dealer and he has control of the invisible fighhter the switch blade


ChrisReid said:
From LOAF's cold dead hands.
Hmm... not sure if it's legal to transport assault rifles across state lines for the sole purpose of procuring WC memorabilia... ahhh, what the heck. Look out script, here I come!
Shouldn't be that hard to spot him... tropical shirts and that "Grizzly Adams" beard* ought to be a pretty distinguishing mark... *cough* Then again, he WAS on vacation in those photos... hmm.

*Not meant as an insult. I happen to have a beard myself. Saves effort while bar-hopping. Ever try to remove a wallet from button-pocket slacks when you're drunk?

Anyway... Malcom McDowell is my favorite actor of all time. No one manages to pull off arrogant humor quite like him! (shaddap, WildWeasel)

Oh, and on a final note... I believe the movie was I-Spy.