Casey's callsign


Frosty said:
Stating that the books were better really says very little, since they were excellent, and less than excellent is still really good.
I agree and I thought the only major thing they did by changing it was that they left some things out. Which is understandable considering how much longer the movie would of been with every detail in it. Changes to some details that were found in the book is normal considering we all know that movie producers seem to love to change details when it comes to making films from other sorces...if you know what im refuring too...

The last film is going to be really long. A friend of mine that is a LOTR addict told me how long when they annonced it but I cant remember, I just remember thinking..damn. But Peter Jackson said its going to be his master peace. Im sure he wouldnt say that if its not going to be good considering your repatation that goes with a statement like that.

Ice Hellion

Considering Casey's paternity, I would give him a more serious handle. Such as, Blizzard, Snowstorm, Glacier...or other frozen water related nouns.