One thing I like about this chat zone is that it's so polite... It even thanks me for editing and deleting posts
. And so it should, given their content
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I read the rules Quarto, but there's just no getting through to this guy
. Anyhow, I'll go read them again in case I missed something.
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"But there's just no getting through to this guy."

I said enough. And remember, this isn't just about this particular argument.
Quatro says: I said enough. And remember, this isn't just about this particular argument.

Now what could you mean by that?
Anyhow, sure I'll stop overreacting to stupid insults.

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well, back to the previous topic about wing setups or whatever. I always thought it worked like this in the wc universe. I will use the Midways fighter complement for an example. Three squadrons, CAG commands all of them. Squadron commander commands his squadron(Maniac and Black Widows for example), members of all squadrons get divided into wings,(i.e. "Hawks Charlie wing"/"Luitenent Casey, you will lead Alpha wing...") and fly with there own squad mates, the leader of those wings is the WING Commander. Tell me if I'm wrong, but this seems very logical to me.
I think wings are case by case, whoever the cag puts in charge of a mission group. Wings are either the flight wing which may be the whole complement or two fighers, it seems to be used pretty liberally.

That's what I gather, although no doubt I will be corrected soon.
actually, I think I agree with you death's head, you do mean that the wing commander is in charge of one wing, don't you, like Casey and his alpha wing?
You guys are mixing up two different kinds of wings. There could be the wing.. usually 1-4 fighters that have a mission objective.. or the wing that's several squadrons and based off something.
The Midway class heavy carriers (and the Vesuvius class heavy carriers, for that matter) have multiple wings of fighters. Wing meaning a group of several squadrons with a single Wing Commander. The CAG commands the three Wing Commanders assigned to the Midway -- not to be confused with the other term 'wing', which is more akin to an 'element' today.

The CAG dislikes Blair because she feels that he is taking over her job -- Blair has no official position on the Midway, if you'll recall.

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The wing commander commands the small group of fighters, and the squadron commanders direct a larger group made up of wings, when large groups of fighters are used the squad commander is the wing commander, of course it would be a smaller squad not the 84 ships or so in Megacarrier squads.

I guess it depends on how you use the word wing and what you are refering to, yes they are different wings.

The fighter wing commander, sometimes the cag in lighter ships can send wings on patrols and strikes, escorts, he thus commands the entire fighter wing, which is all the fighters made up of smaller wings.

I think of it as a giant bird formation, which can have one big formation made up of smaller formations.

The big bomber formations had a lead plane, which dropped its bombs, then planes behind it dropped their bombs in turn. The seemed to fly in a similar groups with small clusters to protect each other from fighters.
All the clusters together made up the bomber wing.

Does that make sense or does that confuse?
like he "winged" me?

or the "winged" creature?


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They should have used the term flight for the small 'wing' (eg. 'Alpha flight' instead of 'Alpha wing') to avoid this confusion.

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