What do you mean? I didn't think there was anything "up between" them.

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Nothing was literally up between tem but I think he was wondering because of the way they interacted.

Usually disagreeing, often talking alone, you'd think they were married if it wasn't for the documentation.

Speaking of Documentation, what blueprints were there in the first release of WC3? Would someone give me a little feedback on that?
It depends on the version of WC3.. in the original dos version there was a playguide.. install guide.. victory streak.. black and white warbirds poster and other little junk booklets and ads.
I just really want to know howecome the CAG seems so protective of Blair, I mean, he's survived everything, and Confeds best pilot(as of yet, but I seek to prove that wrong), I think he could survive a couple of sorties, don't you?
It's in her bio in the Prophecy official guide.

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It's not that she's protective of Blair as much as she is of the fighters for which she is responsible. Blair is not exactly, at nearly 50 yrs old, in the best of shape, particularly after being desk-bound for the better part of a decade after WC4. Being rated as fit for combat by the flight surgeon (which Blair was) doesn't necessarily mean that the CAG must say he's fully able to fight, using 'her' equipment.

(The CAG 'owns' all the craft of the air group, and is, as far as pilots are concerned, where the proverbial buck stops. The only other position above the CAG is the C.O., to whom the CAG answers.)

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Death: I disagree. It wasn't so much her equipment she was worried about, as it was Blair. If Blair went out there and got himself shot down... "The great Heart of the Tiger got killed while on my wing"... Not exactly the best morale booster. So basically, I think that she was worried about what Blair's death might do to ship morale.
And as we saw.. *twice* the CAG's precautious attitude was proved correct and something terrible happened to Blair..
Indeed... Although in both cases, he was out of the cockpit at the time
But I think after his abduction, she was actually worried that he would "lose it" out there. It seemed kinda like he wanted to just go and exact his revange on the bugs. So, he probably would've lost control.
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What is this Warbirds Poster?

SHE doesn't own any equipment other than what she struts around, the tax payers do.

Does Victory Streak have anything in it that isn't in the KS manual? Are those junk booklets all ads and stuff?
It's a foldout list of all ships in the game it has pictures and stats for all of them. The one in original WC3 is black and white while the one in WC3 special edition is in color.

A good soldier is not the one who die for his country, it's the one who makes his enemy die for his.
Gen. Patton
hmm beingly overly protective is one thing another factor could be that she just didn't want him to be "stepping on her toes" so to speak, and having a war hero and commodore out there flying would have made it harder for her to exert her authority I would think.

Also what's up with the rank of Lt Commander for the CAG. Did Confed take a step backwards from conventional CAG ranks(Which is Captain, and are nicknamed "Super CAG" since they rank as high as the Captain of the vessel and have the same amount of authority) or did they just forget to promote her?

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Death's Head: A few minor things were changed in the KS version.

Nob: You sure she was a Lieutenant Commander? I seem to recall her being a full Commander..
There was a reason I put the term own in quotation marks... Hold the actual ownership papers, no, but the actual specific orders for whom to go where and things directly related to flight ops are the responsability of the CAG. Also, if sh*t happens directly related to flight ops, ultimately it's the CAG's butt that gets put in the hotseat.

(Not unlike a sysadmin for a corporation... they may not own the physical hardware or the software it runs, but they are responsable for it, as if it were theirs.)

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The way the CAG and wing commander work have changed in basically every wing commander... alternating positions and doing weird things like that... There really isn't a fixed rank for CAG. A CAG can be any rank (and can ever be outranked by the pilots.).


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TC: Hmm...
Well, in WC 1 it was Colonel Halcyon...
In WC 2 it was Colonel Devereaux...
In WC 3 it was Colonel Blair...
In WC 4 it was Colonel Blair...
You say it changed in each WC? Don't look like it. Colonel is the Space Force equivalent of a Navy Captain, BTW.