BREAKING NEWS: FOX to Re-Release Wing Commander DVD (September 17, 2011)

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Surprising news today: despite previous claims that they would never revisit the film on home video, FOX now plans to re-release the 1999 Wing Commander film DVD. The release is set for November 1st, just one week after VEI's Wing Commander Academy set. We do not have details of the contents yet, but are already excited by the fact that the new release does have completely new cover art (pictured below.) We will update you as information becomes available; it seems unlikely that a modern DVD would still include the 2000 version's non-anamorphic transfer. Pre-orders are currently available through Amazon Canada and FOX Connect.

Original update published on September 17, 2011
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Really nice cover. Aside from the lens flare next to Blair, I like it a lot more than the old DVD cover (which was the old US theater poster).
I can't be the only one who noticed just how gigantic Devereaux's hand is holding that rifle.
I much prefer it to the original dvd cover. But it is obviously a photoshop of elements from the old cover as well as other elements. The ships in the background at from the old cover but with new vapor trails. Angels hair is funky and Maniacs hair is identical you the original cover but his face is writers and painted on. however I love the overall look with the neat font and blue background. the original poster had an ok font but for some reason the dvd used the worst one ever and was off center ontop of that.
Heh, AD noticed the giant hand on IRC almost immediately. I really, really hope that this is a better version.

... also, buy up your old ones fast! Chris and I bought a ream of them from Amazon over the weekend and now they're down to four copies left. :)

I agree, this can't all be a coincidence, can it?
The weird thing is that I think it *is*... it's just that everyone independently decided that Wing Commander was a good idea at the same time. And I can't blame them! And there's more to hear, too...
Mhmmm, what happened to the DVD release? I can't find that new cover anywhere and the DVD is still just listed in Canada.
That could actually happen: Chris Roberts gets the rights to the movie back in a few years and would be able to recut it then... but he'd need some money to finish missing special effects.
Already own the DVD version. What I would love to see is a Blu Ray release of the movie - any chance of that happening any time?
Does this new DVD have any Extra Content like trailers, behind the scenes, interviews and stuff or doesn't it have any like the original DVD? (If it doesn't, then I think that both DVDs are indeed identical)