Alpha Test Game 5

Finally got together those pics I threatened to take of the game using my counters. I've got a few more; these are some of the better ones. Tell me what y'all think.

You guys crack me up. :) So many of you are so creative and talented, yet only have access to ten year old cell phones cameras to photograph your work.

It's great to see the counters in action!
In my defense, I did have a relatively new 12MP digital least, until my wife let my two-year old son chunk it across the room one day......

And those weren't taken by a ten year old cell phone camera. was...



Anybody know if anything's going on with Ironduke lately? Odd that he's the one holding up the game at the moment...
I haven't heard from him in a while. I'll send him a message reminding him to take his turn.

In other news, 2 more weeks and I'll have the time to code the rest of the flak weapons during end-phase and we can run another game on top of this one.'s almost two weeks later and still nothing from Ironduke. IMHO, I'm thinking we either need to enforce a set of automatic moves or give his fighters over to somebody else temporarily.
As an unrelated note, next week is the week I mentioned a while back as being when I'll start to be more free to program for this again, and hopefully finish off Cap ship weapons for End-Phase.
I agree with Capi. At the moment, there is no friendly-fire code, and fighter-class ships should never block LOS anyway; definitely a bug to look into. I'll probably have time to tackle it either late tonight or early tomorrow. Convenient that we've resumed right in time for my planned week of WCTOO development.
Thor was unable to put lasers on Harm's Way - apparently an Epee is big enough to block fire?
Chernikov: no bug. In fact, the command window does let you target Harm's Way. Just realize that only your laser can reach it, your particle cannon cannot. If you 'power up' the particle cannon (by selecting it) it will eliminate Harm's Way from the list of potential targets, since the rules state all your weapons must be fired on the same target.

I've re-submitted your orders with just the laser cannon on, firing at Harm's Way on your behalf. Game should now continue.
Uh, what's Porcupine 1 (Broadsword) possibility of orders for this EP? IIRC tailing is possible only if the tailing ship is in the rear arc of the tailed AND EITHER have the same heading OR be pointing at it
He can tail Porcupine 2; he's in the rear arc and heading in the same direction.

He can't tail Cupcake, if that's what you're worried about. Game still isn't set up to recognize "teams", so as far as it's concerned it's still perfectly valid to tail your own fighters. Hell, I told Dead Meat to tail Zombie this turn. No reason...just felt like it.
Warning: I'm almost done the code updates for putting flak-based point defense fire into the game. This is slightly bad timing, since you guys are also in an End Phase; if anyone sees any unexpected errors, report them here. I'll announce here when I'm confident it is stable; for most of you, likely the two posts will be side-by-side and simultaneous.
Okay I think I've gone as far as I can today. There's something funky that I screwed up with the CSS; something is not getting inherited properly anymore and the endphase orders windows have lost their team-specific colouring and are now solid black. For now, so be it, I'll mess with it later.

Additionally, I think I found a few more bugs with the flak cannons that I need to iron out myself; notably it seems to no longer be properly submitting orders. Sadly, I'll need to use the IDE to trace how they are being processed... sadly I'm away from that system for this week (ironically why I also had the time to work on it).

I may find time to work on it more this week, but if not, over the weekend or early next week certainly. In the meantime, please report any other odd behaviour that you guys see in End Phase because of these changes.

Sometime next week, I'll announce a new test game, with player-flown Capital ships.
I can't put in my orders for Lima and Bravo, I click reports orders to command and nothing happens. I'm using Firefox 10.0.2
I can't put in my orders for Lima and Bravo, I click reports orders to command and nothing happens. I'm using Firefox 10.0.2
This definitely sounds like something I messed up with the newest update. Let me look into it. (I'm also using FF 10.0.2, so you should be good on that account!)

I found 1 problem, put a fix in for it. Try now? Report back. (I had Bravo submit his only available order as a test, I'll leave you to try Lima so I can make sure this isn't a "works when the programmer tries it" type of bug).
Hey guys! Sorry for keeping radio silence for so long and also stalling the game... I had some serious health issues these past few weeks/months, but I'm recovering now. I wasn't online much at all, and I somehow managed to miss the turn notification for WCTOO.
On the upside, 2012 might finally be the year for some updates and enhancements of WCTO! Seeing that Avacar has implemented almost all of the features in the current manual, I'm afraid he might get bored soon... :p
So, anybody heard from Wowskyguy lately? Will the time counter go over into months, or does it stop at days?
Um, currently it will go up into infinite numbers of days, never months. I could fix that ...

Once we get game 7 and 8 sufficiently tested, we'll move into Phase 6 and things like that timer will get a second look, leading to a game administrator who can set an auto-forfeit of your move after so much time. I'll probably need to rework the timer (or include a 2nd one). One timer showing when they were last active, like now (for interest's sake), and a 2nd one counting down from the time limit which resets every turn.