Advice for the Segmenters

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Asking for trouble? For giving WildWeasel a hard time, or for trying to find out what could possibly be the reason that GetRight tries to connect over 50 times in 5 minutes causing trouble so that I can avoid that in the future??
I guess you're right, LeHah.
Sorry folks, I won't do that again. Promise.
WildWeasel presents you with...

...a look into the mind of a segmenter!

"Hey! Look at this! Academy is up for download! Let's segment it and ruin it for every other Wing Commander fan out there! Yay!"

I'm just surprised that more people aren't getting upset over this. After all, it's possible that Tye might stop hosting the episodes.

Originally posted by Stormbird
Oh Weasel is such a sweetheart and lives up to the second part of his callsign perfectly well, so don't be rude to him guys.

Thanks, Stormbird. I never knew you cared...
It's still hard to do the spelling, right Weasel? As I already said but am always pleased to repeat for those who want to hear it again: i download with only 3 segments, well within TyeDye's restricted range.
Also, as I said, I changed the reconnection sequence to wait 5+ minutes instead of 5 seconds.
And, as I said, I think that solves the problem on all sides and we'll see if I am correct next week.

So, as you see I don't give a shit about all you other guys, I prefer to stay anonymous and simply go on as I did all the time. Do I REALLY have to spell it out, WildWeasel??? I will: this last paragraph was what is called SARCASM, Wild..

By posting alone I already show I DO care. By asking for help to find out what's wrong I show I DO care, by changing my settings I show I DO care... what the f*** more do you want? My credit cards? Geez!!

Oh and guys, don't bother to react on this last remark, I call this thread a day. Just thank you all for all the help you have given me to find out what was wrong with my installation, all the wise words said, the understanding and the big feeling of love that this thread has given me.. it's just too much. You're such a wonderful audience.
Originally posted by Stormbird
Oh and guys, don't bother to react on this last remark, I call this thread a day.
Translation: Oh, and guys, don't bother to prove me wrong and make me look foolish again because I just said more stupid bullshit, I'm running away! HAHAHA

Right, yes, you need assistance. Here are the facts.

You say you have it set to whatever many connections. If that setting is right, then yes, it should be fine. My logs are showing otherwise, but we will indeed find out next week.

And if there is still a problem then, there will be a holy war against your ISP. Your subnet will be banned. Your ISP will be banned. And if it still doesn't stop (not saying you're the only one causing the problem, there are others getting the same treatment), then WCA goes down for good and all. For everyone. Sorry folks, but my server can only take so much trashing. If it does come down, I'll post the IPs of the people that caused problems for all of you to go have fun at.

I should have started the more detailed logs that I'm using right now a long, long time ago. I'd have weeded out the assholes by now.

By the way, the handful of people that get banned always whine that it's their ISP that sucks and they have no choice. No, for indeed, you DO have a choice. Although I'm not absolutely certain that the offer still stands, LOAF once suggested that he would burn a copy of all of the episodes for anyone that would ship him two blank CDs. Not only does that get you all the episodes in one fell swoop, not only will that work faster, and not only is that cheap, but you're helping the people that have fair connections that don't want to segment like the assholes that do, and still have problems because of some Hungarian asshole connectiong hundreds of times at once. So check with him on that. I'm sure arrangements can be made.

Very well then. I WILL give a last remark.
TyeDye, thanks for all the help you have given me.
I will simply refrain from downloading from your server... the easy way for you, right darling?
I will NOT stand for being called the bad-ass SOB who took care of downing your server or CIC.
As you have no intention at all as to help me find out what the fuck goes wrong the friendly way, we'll do it the hard way.

Hope everybody's satisfied.

LOAF, Kris, it's also the last time I'll ask anyone here for help, I'll just stick to joining the rest of you guys in making funny remarks on other people's comments. Let's keep this board alive!

CIC rules!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and Frosty, learn your languages: it simply meant "OK guys, you win!"
Having been pushed over the edge when the segmenting got so bad I couldn't even upload my own damn episode, I've set up a script that will help prevent it. Just so you all know, from here on out the WCAs will be zipped (saves a liiiittle bit of bandwidth) and you can only get to them by the link on the CIC. Left clicking, right clicking won't work for ya. And all the morons that try to go straight to the episode will get a rude surprise in that... it's not there anymore. They've been moved to a hidden location, quite well protected. People from off the CIC can't link directly to it as they had been doing, and soon I'm going to put one of those nasty scripts in the WCA directory that opens up hundreds of windows.
I suppose the rest of the guys will all be very thankful to ya, Tye.
A bit late for me tho. Still not willing to face the repercussions if the countermeasures I took on my side aren't quite good enough.
Thanx again for taking the fun out of collecting... I'll arrange it differently
Tye didn't take the fun out of collecting WCA, jackasses who segment did. It was a choice between having just *you* collect WCA, or everyone else. I think the right decision was made.
You are absolutely right, Kris, I couldn't agree more with you. Jackasses like me only deserve to be completely banned from Internet altogether, especially for their stupidity of checking if the way they act is correct and agreed upon and of asking questions about what would be the proper way to react when a problem occurs.
I bow my head and crying of shame try to crawl back under the stone I came from.
I'm not worth living!
Weasel, my man! My best buddy on the board!! God I missed you guy! Pity you entered this thread so late, but luckily you managed to post yet another gem of truism.
Never mind the latecomers, people, just listen to what they have to say.
Weasel is so sweet, it's just his way of saying how much he likes people by waiting for an opportunity to ridicule that person.
But Weasel dear, don't you know by now that I truly don't need any assistance to make a complete fool of myself?
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