Advice for the Segmenters

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No, the point of all this is not the app you use to download your files, but the way you go about it. I personally use GetRight.

Using GetRight and Download Accelerator and all that is fine, as long as you don't segment the download into a bazillion pieces and eat up everyone's slots.
Oh, and the hungarian site causing the problems has not only stopped linking to me, but apparently he plans to put up the episodes on his own server to use. So you might want to keep an eye out there.
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If they don't stop, however, I just whipped up a script that will prevent them from linking to them like that. You guys will be forced to use the link on the CIC (which is good, it'll stop you morons that think I have every last episode up there and try to download them directly every week), but it won't slow it down any. Just a basic authentication that will see you came from the CIC, say that's ok, and let you get to downloading like normal.
If you use the HTTP Referer header for that, it means people can't download using GetRight anymore. I've had that problem in the past with some other sites you know.
Hey I happen to like GetRight. I've got the world's most unreliable cable service. Segmented downloading is sometimes the only way I can get some speed out of it. And besides, GetRight limits it to three segments, so that should be reasonable don't you think.
Not to mention the fact that losing the connection is something that happens to me A LOT. If it weren't for download managers I'd probably never be able to download anything over 10MB.
Although it's been pretty good lately. But gotta switch ISP soon since cable-monopolist UPC refuses to extend the contract on any other ISP then their self-owned, much more expensive Chello.
After October, Chello will be the only ISP left on the UPC cable, so everyone's forced to pay almost double the price of what former ISP's bArt and Sonera cost. That is, as long as UPC doesn't go bankrupt. Stock price: 0.30 euro.
Then I'll have to switch to DSL.
But like I said, I use GetRight primarily for resuming. I've used it a long time, since long before anyone ever thought of segmenting.
Go to uni, people...

Apart from the advantage of learning something while you're there, they also let you use their computers with T3 connection...
I didn't know you could use gozilla for this kind of thing. tHought you had to have it specially packaged at my end. Well, as long as you're sure it won't connect too many times, go for it.

BTW, I have been dishing out a few bans today. Seems like the segmenters want to try and challenge me. I've gotten all of the trouble makers so far.
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