Advice for the Segmenters

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Knowing that there are a few of you using the segmenting, I have some advice for you.

Watch the program to be sure it's working right, downloading fine, before you wander off and leave it. There's a guy trying tonight that I banned early on and has downloaded over 800 copies of me flipping him the bird, apparently oblivious to that fact.

Anyway. If you do segment, at the very least, keep it small. Someone setting it up to use five, ten, hell, even twenty connections, those I can ignore (though I wouldn't push it, five is plenty, and I don't limit bandwidth per connection so segmenting is really stupid anyway), but when my stats alert me to someone that's requested the download fifty times in three minutes, that's when the bans kick in.

If these kinds of guys continue, however, I'll stop hosting the damn things. So if any of you want the IPs of the offenders (oh, and some of them are you guys, we've tracked you down and are keeping an eye on you), I'll gladly post them and let you tear them to shreds. Or, the best some of you can manage, paw at them and whine that they stop or you'll hold your breath.

Thank you.
A full CIC ban could also be instated for the really hard of learning. Can't let a handful of jackasses spoil this for everyone.
Since I'm bored and feeling vindictive (as always), the IP of the moron downloading lots of me making rude gestures is He's not banned from the CIC yet, as we're still busy being amused at him in #wingnut, but you know. Go play, little ones.
Eh... I should note that attacking an IP in any way could make your ISP do bad things to you. Personally, I wouldn't try to pull anything.
Aww, don't listen to him. The IP in question, according to it's hostname, comes from Hungary. Who'd bother to get back at you from there?

Just wondering...

What's "segmenting"? Is that multiple downloads at a time?
'Cause I don't know if I'm on your list Tye, but while I dl one of the episodes I absolutely have to stop using the computer for the time of the download (15-20 minutes for me), because otherwise, for no apparent reason, the dl freezes (and I don't use GetRight or Download Accelerator or such)...

Maybe it's my computer... :confused:
hmmm, i use download accelerator which goes up to four connections. just confirmng that with you, i would hate to swab decks!:eek:
Those programs CAN do that, but generally it's not an issue. Four connections at a time, feel free. That's perfectly fine. The one guy in question with the 800 birdies (who finally gave up, btw), was trying to go through roughly 100 connections at any given point in time. On realizes it had an error, it reconnects.

Getright can do that, so you'll want to avoid it, but the real problem here are the really nasty downloading progs.

Another note for all of you, I found part of the culprit here. A hungarian Divx site has been linking directly to me for the episodes. Normally I'd say go for it, but since the 800 connection guy was referred to me by them, I wrote and told them to knock it off. I won't hear from them for a few days, but you know. If any of you want to... ah... cause problems... legally ;) , feel free.

If they don't stop, however, I just whipped up a script that will prevent them from linking to them like that. You guys will be forced to use the link on the CIC (which is good, it'll stop you morons that think I have every last episode up there and try to download them directly every week), but it won't slow it down any. Just a basic authentication that will see you came from the CIC, say that's ok, and let you get to downloading like normal.
Of course it's not enough! Half an hour after putting up that one page I still had people trying to get episode 13 from me. Think, man! This is the CZ, and although a large proportion of the people here are idiots, they're still smarter than a helluva lot of people out there (and at the same time dumber, because the other idiots don't show their stupidity off...). It'll never stop. Kris asked me to put that 404 one together because they keep getting emails about it. Despite all the explanations, people just don't get it.
Yeah, I bet that at least some of the idiots who open 100 connections at once at least bother downloading from the CIC link... instead of pretending to be smart and trying to get all episodes at once.

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