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    3rd Oxford Mission

    Ditto, I friggin' *LOVE* PR, and I can't wait for 1.1. Kudos to you guys, big-time. Relating to this mission, I think I figured out a great way to play through the game over multiple versions: 1.0: Grab a Demon ASAP, load it to the gills... almost done. 1.1: Centurion, baby... "pregnant...
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    Darn repair droid, other comments

    I meant to post about this as well... on the Fariss mission to 17-AR, I wanted to take this route, as represented on the print-out map I have from Privateer Resource; no jump, no joy. :(
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    Some question of n00by

    Well, you are young, I guess, but I'd advise you to visit some bars. :) Your ability to buy and fly other ships develops throughout the several campaigns... you need to make enough money first of all.
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    Merchants' needs and Dynamic economy

    I created a spreadsheet that I find helpful; I've highlighted the best trades (on a per unit as opposed to percentage basis... thus it's more useful after the very initial period of the game, when you don't have much cash). PM me with your email address if you'd like it (can't post XLS or ZIP...
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    No pun intended. :lol:
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    economics 101 comment on the thread

    Not having been involved in development, I can't really answer properly, but... :) Maybe this is sorta wishful thinking, but it seems like any given AI cargo transport is likely to show up somewhere on the mission boards... so if you see some horrendous and high-paying escort or cargo defend...
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    I'm just now starting the storyline... took my time to get used to the game again, and to get to the point where I can afford a fully kitted combat craft. Recommended for Oxford 3: Demon or Centurion?
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    On a related note: Should I play with autotracking? I don't want to get used to it if it's to be removed in the next release.
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    Ship testing.... a comparison - Centurion - Demon Hunter - Orion

    I got milspec Tachyons at Perry. 4 of'em, yumyumyum.
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    Few Suggestions

    I printed out and taped together the Gemini sector maps here: The are the second set of four. I also marked what types of planets/bases are in each system. HIGHLY useful. Also, having faced the same problem as you evidently (i.e., forgetting where I friggin'...
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    economics 101 comment on the thread

    I'd say yes to more salvage... I got all excited when I came across the remains of a large battle, salvage all over the place.... I picked up food dispensers, advanced fuels, etc., only to find that I had 'salvaged' one of each. Big whoop. :(
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    economics 101 comment on the thread

    There are some fairly hefty spreads... gems, plutonium, and of course Ultimate come to mind. Hmmm, that brings to mind the other problem with massive cargo capacity: The goods that take up the most space have generally among the lowest spreads. Bummer. :(
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    economics 101 comment on the thread

    1. Isn't that the way it works now? Iron, plutonium, uranium... I do like the idea of base specialities. 2. The prices *do* vary within brackets... the brackets should be bigger though. 3. Agreed, mostly. I do find that with certain cargo missions I use most of my capacity though (not...
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    Unable to start Priv Remake.

    See the sticky thread about firewalls... I had the same problem as you, and that solved it.
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    Idea: Tips for new players

    I've been a gamer for a long time, but didn't really get into the forum thing until Civilization 3... in that world (no pun intended), I am pretty well known. One of the things I've done quite a bit has been to start threads and fora to help newer players. Well, when it comes to PrM, I NEED...