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    F22 and the International Date Line

    Well, the more high-tech something is, the more things that can go wrong. Looking at it objectively, one bad line of code isn't bad for something like the F-22.
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    A Wing Commander Comic

    I like this, very much. You do excellent work.
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    I just finished Ender's game last night...

    Or, for a short series, the Heritage Trilogy by Ian Douglas. The three books in the trilogy are: Semper Mars, Luna Marine, and Europa Strike. Good, hard science fiction. I enjoyed all three books.
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    Morningstar or Sabre?

    With regards to Freelancer: Especially when one compared the Corsair's fighters to the Liberty fighters. The only other craft I remember is that transport that had dragon's wings or the like on it. With regards to the Sabre: don't forget the F-57B version flown off of escort carriers. Even more...
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    After The War

    Here is an excerpt from something I'm writing. The title is "After the War". Unlike the majority of WC related fiction, After the War is not about pilots. The protagonist is Gunner's Mate Joel Harris, of the TCS Gettysburg. This excerpt is from somewhere in the middle of the work. The time...
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    Requesting Confed Marine, armor, and arms pictures.

    Maybe it was designed for someone who was a lefty. Jazz wouldn't use his own sidearm, after all.
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    Requesting Confed Marine, armor, and arms pictures. From WC1.
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    Requesting Confed Marine, armor, and arms pictures.

    Marine Equipment: Camouflage utility garb (color-shifting). Spray-on Plastiflesh. (Dekker, WC4) Battle Armor? Ground Assault Vehicles (Hover) Heavy Weapons Walkers ("Traverse any terrain, as much armament as a light corvette") Antimatter Mines Assault Shuttle (Rockets at least for armament)...
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    Wing Commander: Call to Glory

    Need any writers? Just send me a signal drone if you do.
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    Requesting Lexington and Victory images

    Maybe they didn't bother repainting the exterior of the Lexington when refitting her. After all, she was gutted by fires during the Battle of Earth, and the shipyard workers had their hands full trying to repair her internals.
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    Morningstar or Sabre?

    I too like the looks of the Ferret, along with the fact that it beat the wimpy Hornet all hollow with regards to being an early game fighter. If the Super Ferret could be equiped with ImRecs, that would be just perfect. As for the Mandarin Sabres, they probably got their Sabres from either...
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    Morningstar or Sabre?

    I always am a fan of tail gunners. Sabre's pack more missiles. The odds are good that Sabre's could also carry the Mace if properly retrofitted. Thus, why I am in favor of the Sabre. Also, the mass drivers of the Sabre need no moving to the nose, just simple calibration. Obviously, the...
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    Meet Me Midway (February 28, 2007)

    Three words: sold for scrap. Battle-worn hull, heavily damaged during the Nephilim War. It would cost too much to repair the ship, so ConFleet sells the hull for scrap metal. Mercenaries or some other party buys the hull, and converts it into a base. (Example: Ore Container that becomes a space...
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    The Books

    I concur with FloundericiousMI. Over the years, I've seen all the WC Books at used bookstores, save False Colors. Of course, the selection at a used bookstore changes quite often. However, in my experience, the sellers are often willing to let you know when a certain item comes in if you ask...
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    What a disgrace!

    It's a rather good idea, Arena is. Just remember, if Arena makes it big, the chances of a "classic" WC game improve greatly. Thus, instead of vomiting, you should be hoping or praying for Arena to succeed on the marketplace. Just my two millicredits.